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Panama Christmas

No description

Aidan Van Dam

on 18 December 2015

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Transcript of Panama Christmas

Panama by Aidan, Dale, Ethan, and Andrew
Dale: Diga!
Andrew: Quisera reservar ua mesa, por favor.
Dale: Si, para cuando?
Andrew: A las seis y media por favor.
Dale: Si senor, Cuantas personas?
Andrew: Tres por favor.
Dale: Y ud. nombre?
Andrew: Andrew
Dale: Donde prefiere sentarse?
Andrew: Una terraza por favor
Dale: Si senor. Asi, Un reservar por tres personas a las seis y media?
Andrew: Si, gracias. Adios
Dale: Adios
National Dish - Sancocho - local beef strew, especially during Carnaval, usually made with chicken vegetables, tomatoes and coriander
Famous Restaurant
Panama's Christmas traditions contain both Spanish and American traditions. More than three million people populated in panama makes of a fantastic Christmas parade. The first day of the festival starts in the second week of December. From poor to rich, women to men all come to the town center to celebrate Christmas. People dance and sing from door to door. Woman dress in polleras and men in monunos. Hot cocoa and cookies are served from the local churches. A huge dinner is served for dinner and the day is wrapped up with fireworks and a boat parade.
Boar's Head Restaurant & Tavern
This restaurant is one of the famous restaurant in Panama, they serve one the best seafood dishes and a variety of meat and vegetable dishes and desserts. The Restaurant is located beside the panama beach, so while you're eating you can enjoy the beautiful view outside of the restaurant.
Dale: Hola! Su mesa en la terraza es preparado
Andrew: Gracias
Dale: desean uds. tomar algo?
Aidan: Una Coca-Cola por favor.
Ethan: Una limonada por favor
Andrew: Un cafe solo por favor
Dale: Si, enseguida
(cinco minutos mas tarde)
Dale: Aqui estan los bebers. Desea pedir?
Ethan: Si, cuales son los especiales?
Dale: El biftec por viente dolares
Ethan: Yo lo pido
Aidan: Una hamburguesa por me por favor
Dale: Si
Andrew: Yo pido una sopa
Dale: Si, ensegida
National Drink - Batidos smoothies
New Years
Panama celebrates New Year with great grandeur and vigor, but the Panama beach parties are something which highlights the Panama New Year celebrations. It includes burning fires, which represents burning the evil spirits negative presence, failures, and bad luck. They also fire fireworks over the beach presenting an amazing light show.
National Dessert - Pastel de tres leches - a cake soaked in evaporated milk, candensed milk and cream.
El Menu

Boom Boom Crunchy Spicy Shrimp

Escargot Bourguignon

Fried Onion Rings

Shrimp Bisque

Baby Back Ribs

Fried Alligator

Shrimp Cocktail

Oysters Casino

Stuffed Mushrooms

Sauteed Crab Fingers

Fried Lobster with Honey Mustard Sauce
(Viente minutos mas tarde)
Dale: Aqui esta ud. comida
Aidan: Gracias
Ethan: Aidan, como es tu comida?
Aidan: Bien, gracias
Ethan: Andrew?
Andrew: Bien, gracias Ethan
Aidan: Mesero!
Dale: Si?
Aidan: La cuenta por favor. Yo pago con la tarjeta de credito. La propina includio?
Dale: Si, Cinquenta dolares por favor
Aidan: Si, gracias
Dale: Gracias, buenas noches
Aidan: Adios
Canción Tradicional de Navidad
Boom Boom picante de camarones crujientes

Escargot Bourguignon

Fried Onion Rings

bisque de camarón


Fried Alligator

Coctel de camarones

Ostras Casino

Champiñones rellenos

Dedos del cangrejo salteados

Langosta frita con miel salsa de mostaza
At the Panama City beach, they ceremonially light a giant Christmas tree and sing Navidad villanciaos.
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