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Business Plan

No description

Abdul Rafae Karim

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Business Plan

Business Idea
Market Size and Segmentation
Human Resource
Sagrof is a graphics studio which wraps cars with different kinds of stickers in an innovative new technology.
It wraps cars and rims in different colours and designs. Matte, Metallic, Chrome, etc.
It is also an advertising studio and it provides advertising for businesses on cars via stickers.

We decided to name this SAGROF because of the 4 original owners of the business.
The number of individuals in a certain market who are potential buyers or sellers of a product or service determine the Market size. Companies are interested in knowing the market size before launching a new product or service in an area.
Our competitors are called Brandz. They have been in this business since a much longer time and have established a good brand image for themselves.
Brand image
Attractive website
Work Force/ Employees
Dont advertise that much
We will have 4 people working in the company on a payroll.
3 trained wrappers and 1 customer care representative.
The wrappers will be trained.
The customer care rep will take orders, queries and complaints. She will also be responsible for answering the phone and checking the email regularly.
Finance is the science of money management.
To finance our business the 4 owners and partners accumulated an amount of £15000 to start up this business. This can be put as an internal source of finance.
We also took a bank loan of £10000 to support us in the first few months when a new business really struggles. This is an external source of finance.
With these 2 points i have described what are internal and external sources of finance and how we have used them in our business.
Business Plan
Module 2

Abdul Rafae Karim
Franc Ndreka
Saghi Jamshedi
Omar Almuhamadi

Table Of
Business Idea
Market Size
Market Segmentation
Legal Structure
Human Resources
Break Even Analysis
Cash Flow Forecast
SWOT Analysis
Market Segmentation
Geographic Segmentation
- In Uk
- In London
Demographic Segmentation
- Age, sex, status.
Psychographic Segmentation
Legal Structure
Market Research
Primary Research
It is the collection of original data which is being collected for the first time.
We made a questionnaire for our potential customers and our competitors to gather some information.
Our questionnaire gave us a rough idea about what the customers want and about our competitors.
Secondary Research
Secondary research is the compilation of existing data to use it for your own good. It is also known as desk research.
The secondary reseach we did consisted of an online journal, an article from a magazine and our competitors website.
These gave us an insight on what the public thinks about car wrapping and what is our competitions strength.
Market research is any organized effort to gather information about target markets or customers
Examples of our Research
Research Examples
Our chosen legal structure is a partnership between 4 people who will raise £15000 as an investment to start the business.
Little legal formalities.
Less time consuming.
Different set of skills advantages.
More investment/capital.
Divided work hours.
Our location is Coopers Court, which is next to Acton Town station. This is an ideal location as the station is a 2 minute walk. There are markets and shops nearby as well as health services.
All the employees will work from 9 am to 5 pm every Monday-Friday.
The 3 wrappers will be paid a salary of £2000 per month while the customer care rep would be paid £1800.
Sales budget
Production Budget
The sales budget shows us how many sales we will be making per month for the first year and how much money will we generate from those sales.
The production budget shows us how many units we will be selling per month for the first year.
Given below is our cost budget. Costs can be fixed and variable. In the table you can see our total fixed costs, total variable costs and the contributional margin is also shown here.
Break Even Analysis
Shown here is the break even analysis we have done for Sagrof graphic studio. Our break even point is at 18 units. The blue line represents sales revenue while the purple denotes total cost. You can also see a yellow line which is fixed costs.
Cash Flow Forecast
Given below is the cash flow forecast which we made for our business for the first year. We have shown the contributional margin very month as a receipt or inflow. Total payments include all the fixed costs only because of the contributional margin being shown in receipts.
SWOT Analysis
Our strengths are what differs us from our competition.

Our weaknesses are known to us and we will work hard to overcome them.

Oppurtunities are the chances to be more successful and we will avail all of them in the coming future.

Threats are the dangers we face and we will make sure that we avoid them.
If you hae any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
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