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IT Collaboration

IT collaboration in today's web 2.0 world

J Cohen

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of IT Collaboration

Web 2.0 How do IT staff use Web 2.0? Discussion Boards Social Media Blogs Tutorials By Jesse Cohen Why do they need to collaborate? IT staff very commonly run into
similar issues as others in their
organization. And even those
in other organizations. Why should you waste time
solving what has already been
solved? So what tools are available? An IT support member's best friend What is it? Youtube Flash Even Prezi Teach you a skill Step by Step Allow you to speak your mind And get answers For IT issues your readers will let you know if you are wrong
or how to improve or expand
your ideas Sponsored blogs Private Blogs What is it? "Social media is a type of online media that
expedites conversation as opposed to traditional media,
which delivers content but doesn't allow readers/viewers/listeners
to participate in the creation or development of the content." (About.com 2009)
Examples These are not set up to help IT professionals An exception? LinkedIn Used for business not social.
Connect with other professionals in your field
Ask questions
Answer section allows for sharing of answers
Earn "expertise" by answering questions accurately
Trust "experts" to know the correct answers Examples? Websites that allow for asynchronous communication
and discussion on a wide range of topics. Uses for IT? find answers to errors
how to remove viruses
how to install/remove new hardware
best solution to a problem
best software to purchase
and much more Many companies sponsor boards Microsoft Dell There are also boards that are not affiliated with any specific company Tech-forum Some companies also choose to
keep their own, private boards
on intranets for employees only IT Support To collaborate and Learn Common IT Blogs Microsoft Blog Engadget Blog http://downloads01.smarttech.com/media/trainingcenter/flash/senteo/senteo%20manager%20-%20building%20a%20class%20list.swf http://prezi.com/3kzljdppqls7/computer-hardware/ Facebook Myspace Or if all else fails? Use the IT stand by method... Credits:

Computer Monkeys By Flicr user ChrisL_AK

20100115 - Carolyn's computer problems - GEDC1331 - ''You Don't Want This!'' - when good video cards go bad
by uploaded Flickr user Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos

Laptop desks in the computer science building uploaded by Flickr user maebmij

Dell forums Website Screenshot by Jesse Cohen

Microsoft forums website Screenshot by Jesse Cohen

Tech-forum Screenshot by Jesse Cohen

Microsoft Blog Screenshot by Jesse Cohen

Engadget Screenshot by Jesse Cohen

IBM Laptop Repair Tutorial by YouTube user ryraler

senteo manager - building a class list created by

Computer Hardware - created by Prezi user Patricia donaghy

Myspace Website Screenshot by Jesse Cohen

Facebook Website Screenshot by Jesse Cohen

LinkedIn Website Screenshot by Jesse Cohen

Keep Calm and Turn It Off and On Again uploaded by Flickr User adambowie

Ward, S. (2010) Social Media Definition. Retrieved from http://sbinfocanada.about.com/od/socialmedia/g/socialmedia.htm

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