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Empathic Listening

Empathic listening

Ken McAra

on 9 November 2010

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Transcript of Empathic Listening

Empathic Listening Seek first to understand, and then to be understood The Fifth Habit "I don't understand him because he won't listen to me" When someone speaks we usually listen in one of four ways Ignoring Pretending Selective listening Attentive listening Not really listening at all! Uh huh, yep Hearing what you choose to hear paying attention and focusing on words spoken Empathic listening is listening with the intent to understand It's seeing the world through the other's frame of reference "the essence of empathic listening is not that you agree with someone; it's that you fully, deeply, understand that person, emotionally as well as intellectually." Listen with your ears, eyes, and heart! Why? Psychological space, affirms the other Creates the environment for learning, problem solving You can frame your communication within the other's perspective How? Not easy, and it's risky Stage 1: Reflective listening Stage 2: Rephrase content Stage 4: Rephrase the content and reflect the feeling Stage 3: Reflect the feeling
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