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Little Sheep Hot Pot

No description

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Little Sheep Hot Pot

brand introduction & History
Market Trends
Target Audience
Competition & Positioning
Principles of Branding
Communication Tactics
Little Sheep Hot Pot
Chinese restaurant chain
First restaurant opened in 1999
Originated in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China
Over 300 locations including: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, & the United States
Story Time...
Hot Pot History
Centuries ago the Mongol horsemen rode across Asia, those fearless warriors never bothered carrying cooking utensils. They rigged their shields over campfires to sear meat and nestled upturned helmets in the embers to simmer soup.

Ever since, Hot Pot became one of China’s signature dishes and Mongolian Hot Pot traveled further than the Mongols themselves ever did.
How You Hot Pot
Market Trends: Health
Market Trends: Ethnic Cuisines
Market Trends:
Healthy Foods
Target Market
Core market
Middle & Upper Class
Forest Hills, NY
Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot & Grill
Fun Fact: Little Sheep has been selected as one of China's 500 most valuable brands, valued at ~ 6.022 B Yuan or about $10 M
Desire for Family Togetherness
Ethnic Cuisines
Market Trends: Family Togetherness
of people use social media or text to stay in touch
1 in 5
spend less than an hour a day with their family
of people report spending less time with their families
Secondary market
Asian Community
Everyone Else, too
Forest Hills, NY
Psycho-graphic: Forest Hills, NY
Upper-middle-class, ethnic background and multilingual

Nation's most liberal lifestyles, ethnically diverse and early adopters

High incomes, advanced degrees, sophisticated tastes, married couples with few children

Educated, upper-midscale and ethnically diverse, mostly without kids

 Tech-savvy, affluent, highly educated, and ethnically mixed

Metric of Positioning
Principles of Branding
Needs: enjoy family time, healthy food, different kind of cuisine.

Desires: a place to get together and share happiness with family members.

Decision criteria: healthy, casual place, family togetherness atmosphere.
Preserve “Hot Pot Culture”
Embrace Unique Dining Experience
Mongolian inspired decor
Ethnic, Traditional Cuisine

Focus on emotions - Happiness (Family Togetherness)
Mongolian Cuisine
Quality materials: healthy & Fresh
Guerrilla Marketing
Little Sheep trucks on supermarket lots
Loud music and logo
Sampling and coupons

Thank You!
Xie Xie!
Regional Ethnic Cuisines
Innovative Flavor Profiles
Population shifts & increased diversity impact menus
Little Sheep Hot Pot
Delivery Differentiated
Touch points
Loyal customers
Key competitors’ spending on ads
Key competitors’ spending on Ads
Our Budget allocation
Communication goals
Overarching message
Families are gathered and share the same dish
Fresh, colorful, tasty food
Healthy choice

Display ads
PR objective : 5 articles a month published in leading women press
Overarching message
Families are bonding and getting closer together

Well being / healthy lifestyle

Excitement over food
Print adS
Display ADS
More Happiness to share !
Social media strategy
Female are active social media users and content generators
High presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
Email marketing
Social media
Objectives -
Facebook : 5,000 likes
Twitter : 2,000 followers
Pinterest : 5,000 pins
How to defeat Cheesecake factory?
-should be a more social place
children friendly

their ALTERNATIVE evaluation:
-local cheaper restaurant
-some other food that satisfies appetite and food desire

-happy people,
full bellies,
memorable moments

Little Sheep:

Family Friendly
App concept
Objective :
1,500 members
 Metrics To Measure Social Media Success
Monthly Referred Social Traffic to Site (sTraffic)

sTraffic = monthly website Unique Users via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, owned and 3rd party blogs, and forums

Social Monthly Impressions (sMI)

sMI = #mentions of your brand on blogs, forums, Twitter, etc. within a given month.

Media Schedule
GoodHousekeeping media profile
of families reported they plan to dine out more in 2014 compared to 7% of those without children
of families with children under the age of 18 have visited an ethnic restaurant in the past month
GoodHousekeeping media profile
Create interest in hotpot
Create brand awareness
Build emotional connection
strengthen consumer relationship
target audience: Women
20 - 45
$50K +

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