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How Has Dance Changed Over Time?

an explanation of how dance began and how it eveovled to the common styles of dance today

Kaitlyn Carrozzo

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of How Has Dance Changed Over Time?

Dance is an independent art form. You might view dance differently from someone else. But dance has changed significantly since the start of ballet. Ballet is the original dance form. Ballet usually tells a story. It makes dance more interesting to watch-- especially for people who don't really understand dance. Americans have been involved in much of the change that dance has gone through in the last century. Lyrical dance forms have an important base in ballet. It is expressive and dynamic, and commonly set to music with vocals. Jazz dance originates from the Africans and showcases each dancer's individual style. Jazz then evolved to Broadway jazz. The movements in this form of jazz are more exaggerated than original jazz dance. Dance is no longer just disciplined ballet. It is now a category that contains styles like lyrical and jazz. However, ballet will always be the first form of dance. It is the foundation of all other styles of dance.
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