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Future UX

No description

Chris Chiang C

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Future UX

Global implies that we should standardize and lead from the center

Holistic, however, is defined as the ability to take into account complex linkages and inter-connections
Overturn old approaches to research and measuring quality throughout the product design and delivery process
Continuously building and gathering metrics about what we
have built
Holistic. Personal. Lean.
Future UX
"We asked everyone we interviewed about differences and similarities between cultures. A funny thing happened: most people wanted to talk about what was the same, or universal...The fundamental things, they said, don't change, or change slowly."

Whitney Quesenbery, author of Global UX
The fast parts get all the attention.
The slow parts have all the power.
TaoBao helps buyers and sellers simulate close personal relationships and build something called “swift guanxi.”
Based on high-quality social interactions and the reciprocal exchange of mutual benefits
Equipped online marketplace with tools (such as IM) that would allow this kind of relationship to bloom
Why eBay failed in China?
"The use of technology to accommodate a worldview such as guanxi could mean more savings for consumers all over the world, not just those in China."
Why Think Global, Act Local is no longer enough?
Global automatically implies differences
June 14, 2013 • By Rosella Eleanor LaFevre
June 14, 2013 • By Rosella Eleanor LaFevre
Global is too broad and undefined

Holistic captures interlocking elements, interdependencies, and synergies of the environment
Act personal, however, mirrors human dynamics and the multi-dimensional profile of each individual
Act personal allows you to engineer communities, making messages and actions a relevant and timely response to the big picture needs of people
How do we do this?
Through Continuous and
Collaborative Discovery
Set regularly scheduled
feedback sessions
3 people
once a week
Speak with
users remotely
Reserve a standing
conference room

Decide what
to learn
Decide on audience
Create an
interview guide
One person moderates,
Everyone else takes notes
Meet back up
and share learnings
Technology has touched and changed this connected world much faster than we thought thorough massive information exchange over Internet.
TaoBao customers spend an average of 45 minutes to ask sellers questions about themselves and their products before purchasing anything
Luis Gallardo, former Managing Director at Deloitte. March 15, 2011
Act local does not touch upon the essence of human behavior...
Such as what we do or don’t do in response to change
and challenge.
Create a simple prototype and GOOB!
(Get Out of the Building)
The desires of wanting something easy to use, and simple to fulfill their needs are universal.
"At the end of the day, we all breathe, we all worry about our family. Maybe there are different degrees, but I'm sure that if we did similar research in Thailand or Germany or South Africa, many of the same issues would come up. Some things are just core."
-- Janne DeVylder
eBay Experience
Think Global, Act Local?
Think Holistic, Act Personal.
Focus Sameness over Difference
Chase Nature, Not Fashion.
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