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World War 2

No description

violeta clerc

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of World War 2

When did it start? WW11-Italy Fascism or Fascist is an extreme form of government, with a dictator.

Fascism took your rights and everything away from you and your family, but did not make things equal. It believed in the expansion of their state or country above others.

"Quote......"Gian Clerci" Definition of Fascism Benito Mussolini Who was the Dictator of Italy ? The Axis- During those times was when they knew there was going to be a WW2, Germany- Hitler needed an alliance with Italy- Benito Mussolini and Italy also, so in October 25 on 1936 Italy and Germany signed and announced a Rome Berlin Alliance- called the AXIS What is the Berlin Rome Alliance ? The people of Italy were uninterested in the war from the start.
The announcement of Italy's entrance into what would be World War II was not met with
enthusiasm but despair. 20 Century Conflicts
World War 2 - Italy Introduction: Who started WW2? When did it end? Who was under dictatorship of Italy? Why did WW11 start? Why did Italy get involved on WW2? What is the Berlin Rome Alliance?-AXIS- 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1945 German was connected with Austria 30 Sept.1938 Treaty of Munich 1 Sept. Hitler invades Poland British rout Italians in N.Africa German and Italian troops attacked Yugoslavia Battle of El Alamein 23 Oct. 3 Sept. Italy surrenders 28 April Mussolini captured and executed 2 May German forces surrendered to the Allies The Japanese generals refused to surrender.The US dropped and atomic bomb on the island of Hiroshima 6 Aug. WW2 started on the 1st of September in 1939.
It all started because Germany (Adolf Hitler) invaded Poland.
1939 - the year WW2 started. When did it start?
Who started WW2?
Why did WW2 start? At the time Benito Mussolini came into he the people of Italy that he
improve the condition and help Italy in . Anyway Mussolini gambled and . He pretty much would lose whichever way he went. Why did Italy get involved on WW2? Why did Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler work together? Mussolini in 1921 formed a group called NFP (National Fascist Party) they gained support and became a political party.
Since 1922 the Fascist Party ruled Italy.
Mussolini was appointed Prime Minister of Italy, and at the time of WW2 Italy was under the dictatorship of Mussolini. Benito Mussolini They worked together because they were both Fascist.They wanted political violence and war.
They both were anti-communist.
Before WW2, lot's of things happened.
During these times the Fascist Movement emerged in Italy in March 1919. It was composed of Fascist combat groups formed by Benito Mussolini. These Military Associations gained support and became a political party in November 1921 known as PNF (National Fascist Party). In October 1922, Mussolini was appointed Prime Minister of Italy, and in 1925 announced his dictatorship which continued until his dismissal in July 1943. Benito
Mussolini Mussolini married his half sister. Mussolini used violence against anyone who stood against him, such as socialists and communists. Against whom did Mussolini use violence ? The Berlin Rome alliance-axis: The Berlin-Rome was an alliance between two dictators, Adolf Hitler from Germany and Benito Mussolini from Italy. What is the Berlin Rome Alliance- the Axis? When did it end? The war ended the 2nd of September in the summer of 1945. It is estimated that 56 million people lost there lives. It ended with the unconditional surrender of the axis power. Poor Willingness
to Fight It seemed that only Mussolini and his Fascist cronies where the ones interested in war December Poor willingness To Fight v s WW2 and the weapons:
During the war there were a total of 138 types guns used. Here are some names of gun used: Rifle, dogfights in the air, barbed wire,
Italian Cerrano 75mm auto cannon, British Mk iv male 2324 tank. PROTECTION: gas mask,
ambulance etc. World War 2 WW2 HITLER AND MUSSOLINI Uniform from WW2: steel helmet, belt, rifle, first aid kit, entrenching tool, and fighting knife. Images From guns Dog Fights Barbed Wire Rifle The uniform of a soldier Tank We concluded that this project made us know more about
history (WW2 Italy), helped us work as a team ,
it make us express ourselves showing our knowledge, creativity independence, and allows as to give our views and opinions.
At the same time we learn more about writing and punctuation because we knew it was for an audience so it had to be the best and correct. We think that as a group we have done a good job, in this project.We are proud of it and we feel we have achieved a great deal. Conclusion Working in the Project Paloma De Posadas Renata
Oreggia Sofia
Mendez Done by: Violeta
Clerc In
WW2 AND.... Promised Would.. But he.... Regain power power promised would help economic regain their power WW2 lost Japan th In April 1945 ended the fighting in Italy, Mussolini was arrested and executed.
Hitler resisted until he committed suicide in April 1945. What happened to Mussolini
and Hitler.....
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