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Earth Day

No description

Beatriz Teles

on 8 May 2016

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Transcript of Earth Day

Oil Spill - Santa Barbara
Gaylord Nelson
Earth Day celebrations worldwide
Our project
Work done by:
- Ana Ferreira nº2
- Beatriz Teles nº5
- Rita Ferreira nº20
- Sara Pereirinha nº24
It was the year of 1969. A massive oil spill was going through Santa Barbara, California, making enormous damages to the environment. This event shocked a lot of people, including the Senator Gaylord Nelson.
He was then inspired to organize events that focused on educating the public about the environment. With the help of environmental groups, he founded a year later what is now known as “Earth Day”.
Every year, on 22nd of April, people around the world celebrate earth and everything related to it.
To celebrate the earth day, we made origami flowers, boats and butterflies made with recycled materials such as newspapers and magazines. We decided to reuse materials that are considered trash after only one use to show that there are other alternatives.
During this process we faced some difficulties: the first one was the lack of time; the second one was the amount of figures we needed in order to give to people around the school.

However, we managed to go through them and we made over 70 flowers and butterflies to distribute and more than 20 butterflies and letters to decorate the walls of the student’s room. We also made a bouquet that was the centrepiece of a table on the teacher’s room.

We would like to do it all over again because it was a grateful experience not only because of its meaning, but also due to the smiles in people´s faces when they received the flowers.
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