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Do YOU Like Dinos???

No description

Madeleine Student

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Do YOU Like Dinos???

Do You Like Dino's???
New Dino Skull Found

The name of this New Dino is called Pachyrhinosaurus
His head is about the size of a smart car (big for a head)
The Skull part....
Where? and More about...
Found in Canada, Alberta (also found in Alaska)
Most of the skull is still there (that's impressive!)
Found in other places before, but not this much of the skull
Old or Young??
The skull found is 70 million years old
Very old
The skull found was from an adult
More about Patchyrhinosaurus!
Vegetarian: mostly ate greens, palm trees and other plants
Lived around the Cretaceous period, about 72 to 68 million years ago.
Probably a herding animal
Possibly hatched from eggs, no one is completely sure
Ran up to 20 mph
Walking With Dinosaurs
Ya These Are my Sources
Name and Size
What does it look like?
mix of triceratops and GIANT parrot
The parrot part is the nose
Google Images
Main character: Patchi
Patchi is a Pathyrhinosausus
Probably based on the new dinosaur
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