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Gianna DiFalco

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a type of visual art related to writing. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines calligraphy as "artistic, stylized, or elegant handwriting or lettering."
Today I am going to teach you the basics of Calligraphy and how to make a few basic letters.
Your Pen
Calligraphy pens come in three sizes: small, medium, large. The smaller ones are easier for beginners and people with normally messy handwriting because it is harder to notice mistakes with them. When you first get your pen, hold it with the nib facing down for a couple seconds to get the ink flowing. Then try dabbing it on your calligraphy paper. If you can't get the ink to come out, wet the corner of a folded paper towel and touch your nib to the wet spot. Ink should start flowing out onto the towel. When it does, put the towel to the side and try making more dots on your paper.When you hold your pen, hold it a 45 degree angle as shown below.
Getting Started
After you have successfully gotten ink to come out of your pen, start making some mountains like these -->
Try to make all your mountains the same size. Also make sure there is a big difference between your thin lines and your thick lines. If your thin lines are looking as thick as your thick lines, you might be pressing too hard. Just release some pressure and try again. Do a couple rows of these mountains until your thin and thick lines are easily distinguishable from each other. Every pen is different so it might take a while to get used to your pen. Just keep making mountains until you understand your pen.
Your First Letter
Now that you have made your mountains and gotten to know your pen, you are ready to learn your first letter! Can you guess which letter? You're probably thinking A, but you're wrong! The first letter you will be learning is I. I is fairly easy and let's you practice your thin and thick lines. The letter I takes up one line on your calligraphy paper. Keep your pen at a 45degree angle and place it right under the first line. Move it up a tiny bit, pull straight down, and make another small, thin line at the bottom. If you are confused, then reference the picture below. Lastly, dot the I.
More Letters
Another easy letter is T. T takes up one and a half lines on your calligraphy paper. to make a t you will start with the bottom of the tip of your pen at the bottom of a line. Pull it up a tiny bit and pull straight down. Then make a small, thin tail at the bottom, similar to the I. Lastly, put your pen back at the first line you made, and pull it to the right so that you fill in the gap and you make a bit of the line show outside your first thick line. If you are confused, reference the picture below.
That's All for Now!
That's all I will be teaching you in this prezi. If you have any other questions you can contact me at gdifalco95@gmail.com. You can look up calligraphy tips online or see if anyone you know can teach you. I hope this was helpful for you as you enter the world of calligraphy!
Take a Closer Look at Calligraphy
-Calligraphy Pen
-Calligraphy Paper and an Extra Piece of Printer Paper
-Two Paper Clips
-Paper Towels
Place your calligraphy paper on top of your printer paper and paper clip them together at the top. Wet the corner of your paper towel for future use. Get ready to learn the basics of calligraphy!
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