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The Baroque Period

No description

Allison Fitzhugh

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of The Baroque Period

The Baroque Period
Figured Bass and Basso Continuo
Ornamentation is basically extra "decorative" notes added into the basic structure of the melody. These notes notes are not essential to carry out the melody but they add variety and interest to the composition.
An orchestra is a large instrumental assembly. It is made up of brass, string, percussion, and woodwind instruments. Orchestras had a big effect on the Baroque period because composers began to compose pieces specifically for orchestras which of course, spread their popularity.
Instrumental Suite
An Instrumental Suite was a Baroque period collection of dances.
Instrumental Suites were usually composed for a particular event such as a ball or religious event.
Johann Sebastian Bach
I listened to Bach's works Fugue in d minor, Air from Suite in d, and Cantatas 11. I find Bach's work very mysterious and exciting at the same time. He was incredibly creative and brilliant.
Like the lesson said, his work was very mathematically precise which makes it all the more remarkable. I think that Bach was so influential to music because he really took music to the next level. He made music ten times more interesting that it had been previously.
Pro's and con's to the Patronage
An advantage to performing in the Patronage was that the acoustic of the voices had better sound quality.
The disadvantage though, was that back then, there wasn't technology like microphones, so the singer had to sing with great strength and volume. This made it harder for the singer because opera is often referred to as "controlled screams". Therefore, it made it hard for the singer to keep the quality of the opera with volume.
Effect and Tone
Opera and music in general is created to portray particular emotions. Opera can only portray positive or negative emotions per piece.
I listened to Vivaldi: Four Seasons, Spring. The overall tone throughout the song was positive. It was uplifting and cheerful! Vivaldi was equally as remarkable as Bach.

In this composition, Vivaldi created spring in musical form.
Figured Bass is a form of musical notation that uses numbers to to represent chords intervals and "Other aspects in relation to the bass note of the music."

Basso Continuo (aka: Continuo) are harmony notes that compliment the melody.

Figured Bass and Continuo are related because they both use musical notation and work together to create a colorful composition
An oratorio differs from the opera because it does not use use theatrical scenery in the performance which gives it more of a concert vibe. Although it does not use scenery, it is very similar to the opera in the sense that it uses the same musical elements.
Baroque music
"The term 'Baroque' comes from the Portuguese word barroco, which means 'misshapen pearl'. " - I think this is great way to describe the music of the Baroque period because all of the musical creation during this period was not intended to have such a unique effect on music.
In my opinion, Baroque music is an improved version of the music during the Renaissance. Many musically creative geniuses poured out their time and heart on their compositions which became a success.
Although it was a new concept, more complex compositions became preferred and accepted--people loved this fresh sound.
And truly, the composers during this period were very musically gifted and talented.
Composers during the Baroque Period
It is said that many of the composers during the baroque Period thought of themselves as craftsmen rather than composers.
This thought pattern definitely had an effect on their music because as we know, the music became much more complex during the Baroque Period.
I also think this affected the music because they saw their music as more of a work that needed to be perfected-Therefore, they would work at music as an occupation and bring the same effort and determination into it as if it were essential.

Examples of Baroque music (Long video)
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