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Happy Birthday

No description

Alison Cox

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
Pam/Mum/Grandma/Great Grandma ! !

We wanted to do something really special to celebrate your great new age so we thought we would share some highlights from your 87 years - some of our favourite moments with you and some of the things we love about you !
c. 1943

Back in 1943 you and your sister Esme escaped to the big smoke for the weekend to stay with your Aunt and Uncle... The Royal Queensland Show was on at the Exhibition Grounds, and unable to resist the lure of the Fair you snuck out despite being told not to venture out.

Wanting to look your best you had "Borrowed" your little sister Melba's new coat and hat.

When a photographer spotted the brightest young thing at the fair and asked you to pose for a shot with some American Servicemen for the paper you were flattered and smiled broadly - the camera capturing the youth and adventure of the moment.

When your picture appeared on the front page of the courier mail the next day though there was no hiding your transgressions ...
You SURE love Trouble !!
Congratulations Big G !!!

87 years young !!

Happy Birthday from all of us !!

C. 1944
The War Years
In late 1944, the RAAF peaked at over 182,000 personnel and 6,200 aircraft in 61 squadrons
Answer : The uniforms were really smart and I looked much better in Blue...

One of these personnel
was our very own
(and very young)
Pam Lamb.

When I asked
what made her join the
airforce - when the rest of
her family were all army.

I expected her to talk about the glamour
of a new fleet - new technology, etc

by 1951 you had a
young family living
in Geebung with
Lynnette arriving 27.06.1946 and
Gregory on 21.09.1949

By 1954 you were living in Holland Park and Vicki arrived on 26.1.1959 heres the two of you building Le Tour Eiffel....

And lets not forget Golli
who sadly was incinerated in
1956, purportedly for failing to meet sanitation requirements. Greg notes that he has now been
20, 786 days without Golli.....
C. 1960
A clever cookie with a winning smile !
Friday 1st April 1960

Your weekly Pruzzles entry finally paid off, after the prize money jackpotted to a record high. You were sure that you had won, and wondered why the paper hadn't called. After picking up Ralph after work, you saw a car with 2 men in it parked outside your home on Pozieres Rd. Instead of the detectives Ralph predicted they were reporters from the paper telling you you were one of only 13 winners !! The beaming shot of you and Ralph dominated the Brisbane Courier Mail the next day !
C. 1972
Famous Friends and Feathers
Who knew our Big G had such famous friends !

Here you will find Pam resplendent in feathered finery and a young Vicki parading the fashions of Annette Kellerman, as shown in the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Which Annette Kellerman ? you ask ?
Not this Annette Kellerman ?
*Vaudeville Star
* Dancer
* Model
Star of the Silent Screen ?
Not the Annette Kellerman Professional Swimmer,
Diver, Inventor of modern womens swimwear and mother of Synchronised Swimming.... ?
Not THE Annette Kellerman star of Neptunes Daughter ?
and other famous films ?? REALLY ?
That's her ! the one and only. Pam was a great friend to Annette in her later years, having her and her elderly sister around for tea and helping her with her shopping, and when she fell ill and was in Southport Hospital, staying by her side and caring for her.
sprechen sie deutsch ?
Otherwise known as the time when Pam joined the German Club !
It was 1972 Vicki had been learning German at school. Always one to try something new, Pam thought she'd give it a try !.

She did some research and found a German Club closeby. Turning up on the first night they found a group of German expats reminiscing about the Rhineland in Deutsch amazed to find 2 young Australians who spoke not a word amongst their number.

Persistent as ever, Pam was not to be deterred... insisting that she could teach the group (Australian) English in exchange for them teaching German..... until the next week when she received the letter politely but strongly suggesting she not attend any further meetings cancelling her membership....
(Maybe she mentioned the war ......)
Only a few years after this photo was taken, this good
man, husband and father was taken from you.

After the death of Ralph, your life took a different direction.

In 1971 You bought your new house and you and a young Vicki moved to Southport to be closer to Lynette.

C. 1969
C. 1975
With your nest finally empty, you were able to pursue your dream to travel around Australia.

You bought a Toyota motor home and drove from Southport to Sydney, and then North to Cairns, into
the Red Centre, then
across to the West.....

And that was
when your love affair with the West began...

Moving so quickly your mail was returned with no forwarding address you made your home in Mt Lawley....

And took on the job as Caretaker of 59 Wallcott Street Mt Lawley prior to buying apartment 1 which would serve as your home for the next 20 years.....
C. 1976
In 1976 you reached the next stage in your life at the youthful age of 50 becoming a Grandma for the first time with the birth of Ali ......
And that was just the beginning..........
1976 - Ali

1979 - Heidi

1981 - was a bumper year with
both Matthew and Adrian
arriving within 7 months

1982 - Carrie

1983 - Shaun

1984 - Dustin

.............and lets not forget our
beautiful Emma who
debuted on life's stage in 1995
and lives on in our hearts forever....

Ali remembers her super hip
Grandma who signed her up
for the Boy George fan club
and got her a signed photo...

Although she also remembers
Grandma trying to convince
her that Boy George was in
fact a real live Boy... who
wore make up... after which
Ali's interest somewhat waned
But for 2 weeks she was the hippest girl at school......

Super Hip Grandma !
Carrie remembers fondly visits to Mt Lawley with Dustin where summer rolls would be hidden strategically around the
house and any that were found could be kept and eaten !!

Hours of Entertainment
What a Sweet Grandma !!
Aside from always waiting for Grandma to open her bags to see what treasures they would reveal.... Matt remembers
Grandma teaching him to tie
a double knot in his shoelaces,
which is how he ties them to
this day....

Vicki though wonders why
she was never taught to do the same and so must forever wear slip ons........
A Good Listener.......
Not something you are often accused of
But Adrian remembers fondly the time
he spent with you on his trip to WA telling you about his holiday, and talking about all your favourite sports....

He also remembers all the conversations you unknowingly shared as he sat in the back of Dad's car during his weekly calls...
C. 1977 - 2010
At the age when many people are starting to slow down you were just warming up !

Circumnavigating the globe many times and travelling to many countries throughout Asia and Europe, as well as much of Australia... not to mention trips across the country to visit your east coast grandkids and help out with some babysitting..
Independence and Free Spirit

Most of all we all admire your adventurous free spirit (though it does come with some hardcore stubbornness). Ali saw this side of you best of all on your trip to
KL willing to try anything and everything she threw at you even the fish that ate your feet.
Great Grandma !
While you were still Trekking around the globe,
you reached another of life's milestones !

Becoming a Great Grandma !!
C. 2008
First in 2008 with the arrival of the adorable Miss Maddi
Little Man Kadey arrived in 2011
To keep Maddi Company !
Followed in quick Succession by the gorgeous Catalina in the same year

And the delightful and tiny Miss Thembi just weeks later at the start of 2012
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