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Bay of Pigs Invasion

No description

Ricki : ) Carthen

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Bay of Pigs Invasion

Bay of Pigs Invasion
Ricki Carthen & Teyania Davis
1st Period

Essential Questions ? ? ?
When did the Bay of Pigs Invasion take place ? (History of Cuba: Bay of pigs)
Why did the United States feel they needed to invade? (U-S History: Bay of Pigs)
Who did the US get to invade? (The national cold war exhibit: Bay of Pigs Invasion)
What Countries were involved? (JFK Library: Bay of Pigs)
What was the outcome of the invasion? (History.com:Bay of Pigs)
Who were the historical people involved and what were their roles? (History.com:Bay of Pigs?
1. When did the Bay of Pigs take place?
The Bay of pigs took place in April 17, 1961.
2. Why did the United States feel they needed to invade?
The United States felt like they needed to invade because they intended to provoke popularity for an uprising against Fidel Castro.
3.Who did United States get to invade?

The bay of pigs began when a trained group of Cuban refugees (Brigade 2506) landed in Cuba to destroy Castro's communist government.
4. What countries were involved ?
5. What was the outcome of the invasion?
6. Who were the historical people involved in the bay of pigs invasion & What were their roles?

Fidel Castro - Cuban Nationalist
John F. Kennedy - U.S. President
Robert F. Kennedy-
Attorney General
Nikita Khrushchev- Leader of Soviet Union
The invasion was Cuba VS The United States & Brigade 2506.
The invasion didn't go as planned and ended up being a big fail. Castro's military unexpectedly attacked over 1200 Cuban exiles and the Cuban air force sunk most of the exiles supply ships. Kennedy took responsibility for all damages.
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