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The Verb "Ser"

No description

Sherrell Hill

on 28 April 2012

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Transcript of The Verb "Ser"

The Verb "Ser" To Be Materials El diamante es grande. Bling Bling Es este zapato en un diez tamano? Nice kicks!! "Ser" is used to express identification, description, origin, Generalizations, and possession. Conjugations of "Ser" I am you are he/ she/ it is we are Identification Yo soy estudiante. Shannon y yo somos muy buenos amigas. To describe people and things. Description El/Ella es emocional The funny side of "Ser" To identify people and things. Did you know that conjugations of "Ser" can also be used in the form of a question?!?! they are Possession Son ejército fuerte
Express possession to people and things. Tú eres mi sobrina.
Esta motocicleta es señor García. (Yo) Soy (Tú) Eres él/ella/ud.) Es Nos.) Somos ellos/ellas/uds. Son
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