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Fijian Islands

No description

Sophie White

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Fijian Islands

Fijian Islands
Hello. We are going
to talk about the
Fijian islands.
Viti Levu
Vanua Levu
Fijian Sports
Viti Levu is the largest island in Fiji. It is where Fiji's capital Suva is. Viti Levu means 'Great Fiji'.
The island is split by a central mountain range.
It is home to 70% of the Fijian population.
The highest peak in Fiji is in Viti Levu. It is called Mt. Victoria.

Fijian Economy
Fijian Culture
Rugby union is the most popular sport in Fiji. However rugby league and association football are also played.
They also do something called outrigger paddling which is a type of canoe competition.
They play many other sports such as golf,cricket,surfing,sailing,athletics,martial arts and boxing.

Rugby union:
The Fijian rugby union team is quite talented they have competed at five rugby world cup competitions.They have won two seven world cup titles and a number of Hong Kong sevens.
Fijian music
and dance
Types of dancing:
The Fijian Meke: It is the most popular traditional dance. It is a story being told through a song.
Poi Dance:This dance originated from the Maori poi dance which is now also performed in Fiji.
Indo-Fijian Dance: This dance resembles movements from the Fijian Meke. The movements signify different stories.

Fiji rely on their large amount of natural resources such as flora,fauna,fishing and fruit. They also rely on tourism and their sugar exports.
Fiji has a population of 905,949 people.
The tallest building is the 14-story Reserve Bank of Fiji Building in Suva.
Vanua Levu is formally known as 'Sandalwood Island'.
It is 64km north of Viti Levu.
It has a population of around 130,000 (20%)
It is the second largest island in Fiji.
Vanua Levu is a volcanic island.
By Kayla and Sophie
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