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Working Together Towards Wellness

No description

Hillary Markey

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Working Together Towards Wellness

Together Towards Wellness

Healthier Eating

Physical Activity

Boost metabolism, energy, and mental well-being.
Electronic Wellness
Email wellness ideas every Wednesday

Create Interactive and Movement in Meetings

Easy Workplace Alterations
There are five major categories, each with a list of seven ideas for improving work site wellness in different ways.
Each employee should choose their favorite
idea under each of the five categories
and write it down.

8. Offer snacks or
meals at meetings such as vegetable tray, whole fruits, or light wraps.
9. Have a
healthy potluck day, bring recipes and dish to share for lunch.
10. Have the
cafeteria swap out unhealthy items for healthier versions.
12. Promote "Meatless Mondays" and "Fresh Salad Fridays."
13. Have a healthy holiday cookie/ treat contest and then make an online cookbook.
14. Transform vending machines from junk food to healthy food by contacting the supplier.
15. Post a sign up sheet for lunchtime walking buddies.
16. Start a healthy incentives program with weekly weigh in's and healthy prizes.
17. Have physical activity breaks announced during the day, take them in place of coffee breaks.
18. Supply
resistance bands for stretches that can be done at a desk.
19. Post meditation exercises so that employees can take a deep breath and stretch when stress hits.
20. Use human delivery, instead of calling or emailing get up and walk to deliver a message.
21. Use the stairs instead of the elevator every time.
22. Focus on one healthy ingredient each week, indicate why it is healthy and recipes for it.
23. Send out a weekly stretch or exercise that can be done in the office.
24. Have an online healthy recipe competition, then make the winning recipe for a healthy office treat.
25. Send out weekly information on local health fairs, farmers markets, and other healthy events .
26. Have employees submit healthy ideas for online discussion.
27. Send out
an email to indicate a one minute stretch break.
28. Have the computer start up screen display changing quotes on how to stay on the healthy track.
29. Have walking meetings whenever possible.
30. Have
meetings while standing in a circle.
31. Pass a "talking ball" at meetings, where only the person with the ball may speak.
32. Have meetings outside if weather permits.
33.Provide a healthy snack such as fruit or popcorn.
34. Start or end meetings with a wellness activity such as stretching or breathing exercises.
35. Pass a "talking ball" and whoever has it is the only one who can speak.
2. Start a mini-library of workout videos that employees can checkout or donate to.
1. Paint the
stairwell bright and create a friendly environment.
3. Host
"Get Healthy" competitions between different departments
5. Keep
motivational and health focused posters around the office.
6. Liven up the office with plants.
7. Host
healthy guest speakers once a month.
Tally up the ideas that have
the most votes for each category
and select one or all five
to use in your workplace.
What Now?
Choose one of the following seven ideas!
Choose one of the following seven ideas!
Choose one of the following seven ideas!
Choose one of the following seven ideas!
Choose one of the following seven ideas!
"Working Together Toward Wellness"
with your new ideas that you all selected

Lunches, Snacks, and Meetings

http://www.rand.org/content/dam/rand/pubs/research reports/RR200/RR254/RAND RR254.pdf

https://www.modahealth.com/pdfs/wellness/low cost activites.pdf?dn=ods


4. Hang brightly colored, positive images around the office, including a variety of nutritional posters.
11. Form a list
of healthy options at local take-out restaurants for the break-room.
Created By: Hillary Markey
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