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Veterinary Pathologist

No description

Allison Le

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Veterinary Pathologist

Personality Traits
Wages & Earnings
Career Path
Education & Training

Work Hours
Anatomical Pathology
Skills & Abilities
Career Research
Salary + Overtime
Starting : $121 000
1-2 years : $169 000
3 years : $321 000
1) Diagnostic Laboratories
2) Academic Institutions
3) Industry
4) Government Agencies
Veterinary Pathologist
Clinical Pathology
Doctors of veterinary medicine who specialize in the diagnosis through the examination of animal tissues and body fluids. Vet pathology is usually divided into 2 branches.
Anatomical Pathology
Clinical Pathology
If it's the combination of both it is referred to as general pathology.
This is a specialty concentrating on diagnosing a disease based on gross, microscopic, chemical, and molecular examinations of organs and tissues of the body. (More examination)
Specialty focused on diagnosing a disease based on laboratory analysis of bodily fluids.
1) Keen analytical skills
2) Problem solving
3) Recall Memories & Visual Patterns
4) Communication Skills
5) Patience
6) Persistence
7) Committed Attitude
Industry : Basic Working hours
8 hours, 5 days a week
University : Longer hours
Teaching, clinical work, research
Usually work at laboratories looking under a microscope. Or commonly at vet clinics working with animals.
Unhealthy animals
Samples of fluids & waste
Hazards & Risks
Exposed to diseases
Allergies & Irritations
Sharp objects
Musculoskeletal Discomfort
Mostly depends on
Take doctor degrees in:
Molecular Biology
Pathology Fields
Outlook at Present
44% ~ Private Industry
33% ~ Academia
33% ~ Government Employee / Private
Continues demand at a rate of 36%
2) 3 years of additional ~ Board Certification
3) Seeking PhD ~ Complete even more training
4) Continue Education to maintain certification
$500 - Incidental Fees
$2 606 - Full Time Tuition
$550 - Textbooks
$2 501 - Full Meal Plan
$1 000 - Lifestyle & Personal Cost
$9 232 - Per Semester
$18 464 - For 1 Year
University of Saskatchewan
52 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
1) Master of Science
2) Master of Veterinary Science
3) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
4) Senior Residency
1 & 2) Learn the process of lab techniques, gathering & analyzing data, writing, publication

3)Expertise and independence greater than 1 & 2. Knowledge both broad and deep.
Requirements DVM
Biological Sciences
Cell Biology
Social Sciences
Why Attend Here?
Known for its science courses
Only university in Canada to have a Synchrotron
Synchrotron : A device to gather information about materials at a structural/molecular level
University of Guelph
50 Stone Roast East
Guelph, Ontario, Cnada
Provides a program with with vet medicine and thesis research project. It focuses on diagnostic and health management on a wide range of many animal species and environments
DVSc Program
A high academic standing
Identification of a faculty member & a source of personal support
This is a better choice compared to the University of Saskatchewan because :
Closer to home
More comfortable area
Why Here?
Education Path
Grade 11
English ~ ENG3U
Math ~ MCR3U
Science ~ SBI3U
Science ~ SCH3U
Science ~ SPH3U
French ~ FSF3U
Social Science ~ HSP3U
Grade 12
English ~ ENG4U
Math ~ MCV4
Math ~ MHF4U
Science ~ SBI4U
Science ~ SCH4U
Science ~ SPH4U
French ~ FSF4U
Vet Clinic
Doing mini tasks / anything that would help out and needs to be done. This will get you used to working in the same environment.
Humane Society
You get to work with animals and that would be the main reason that you entered this career. Be surrounded by them and be able to have their company.
Advantages & Disadvantages
1) Good Salary
2) Get to work with animals
New Friends
3) Save Lives
1) Stress
2) Injuries / Develop Health Issues
3) Long Hours
Yes I am interested in this line of work because not only will you get the chance to feel good that you helped save animal's lives but as well as being able to work with others for a common good. I learned everything about this career that with every job there are always advantages and disadvantages. But you have to be willing to take risks.
My advice:
To follow your dream
Don't let others put you down
Anything is possible
Thanks for Listening
Any Questions?
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