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A world without sound

How the world would be without sound

Kyle Morphis

on 29 March 2010

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Transcript of A world without sound

A World without Sound First we must know what sound is
defined as Sound: is defined as the stimulation of the ear drums by vibrations given off through a medium. Kyle B, Kyle M, Cody C a world withouth sound
would mean a world
without complex communication not only is voice the complexity
but technology would be quite
pirmitive Along with technology would be mankind. Without sound organisms would never have developed eardrums and voiceboxes to adapt to the workings of the world We would have to communicate like
primapes would and use sign language
and body movements to get across the
meaning. It would be hard to have a universal communication
link and every different town would have a different way
to communicate. Music will have never existed or become possible
to do because we wouldn't hear it anyways. FIN
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