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Applied Perf - written work

Friday 26th April 2013

Ashley Barnes

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Applied Perf - written work

Applied Performance Friday 26th April 2013 How to do your supporting file What is Applied Theatre? Context Definition.
How does Applied Theatre differ from other forms of theatre (especially devised)?
What broad examples are there of Applied Theatre? What is the particular area of Applied Theatre you are working in? What is the context of this work... the client? the sector? other Companies that have worked in this area? Historical development of work in this sector? the brief? Specific techniques What specific techniques did you employ?
What is written academically about these techniques? Boal? Schweitzer? Heathcote? Cardboard Citizens? Rehearsals - Theory into practice Give us some detail about how you tried to apply the theory to your own work Reflections on the event How did it go? As you expected?
What went well and what could you have improved?
What would you do differently, if you were given a second chance? Conclusions What are your reflections on this type of theatre? Sources
Literary Technique Marking Criteria What exactly did you do? Refer back to other things you have mentioned.
Stake a case. Argue your view A bibliography (five sources at least) & references in the body of the text An argument Good sentences & paragraphs Relevance of what you are writing about Use of vocabulary, sentence structure, articulation The big picture Some focus More specific Fine detail The whole picture Thoughts about the shows?
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