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Mother to Son - Unit 1 Week 2

No description

Erin Van Sickle

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Mother to Son - Unit 1 Week 2

Read the biography about Langston Hughes.
On a separate sheet of paper LIST at least 3 important facts about his life.
Describe a person you admire. Use AT LEAST
2 of the following words: appreciate, aspire, display, survive. Push for 4-5 sentences.
Read "Mother to Son" (p. 543)
independently. You can't
write in the book so write
the number of any verse that
confuses you on your paper.
Read it again and try to figure out the metaphor. What two things are being compared?
Follow along as it is read aloud.
What details in the poem support
the conclusion that life has not been
easy for the mother? You can write the
number of the verse on your paper.

Your task will be to write your own extended metaphor. Use the worksheet to guide you.
Watch the video and see if you can come up with three more facts about his life.
There are a few examples
of dialect in the poem.
Can you find them???
What is the theme of the poem?
In other words, what does the mother want
the son to do?

Now watch this video. What new information did you learn?

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