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India and the 5 themes of geography

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Alexa Shier

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of India and the 5 themes of geography

Movement Questions
1. Where do most people live in this country?
Region questions
1. What kind of government does India have?
1. India's government was democratic republic with a parliamentary system of government.
Location Questions
1. What is the latitude and longitude of India's capital city?
1. Most people in India live in major cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Or in Rural areas.
India and the 5 themes of geography
How are goods, services, and people transported in India?
3. How are customs and traditions passed from one generation to another?
3. Traditions are passed down from generation to generation from people telling other people stories about what happened before they were alive.
2. What political regions are located in this country
3. What are some of the major tourist attractions found in this country?
People, goods, and services in India are transported by land, water and air. For example, India's rail network.
3. Some major tourist attractions are Kerala backwaters, Lake palace, Taj Mahal.
2. Some political region regions
2. Where is India located in relation to other countries, continents, and landforms?
3. what are India's other major cities, landforms, and resources?
1. The latitude and longitude lines of India's capital city are 28.6139 north and 77.2089 east.
2. India is located in relation to other counties and the landforms some of them are Nepal, Pakistan, China, Arabian sea, Bay of Bengal.
3. India's other major cities, landforms, and resources are Indus river, Ganges, Mumbai, and Kolkata.
1. The weather and climate patterns of India are tropical in the south to alpine in the north.
Interaction Questions
1. Describe the weather and climate patterns of India.
2. How have people adapted to the climate?
3. How do people in this country use their natural resources?
4. What are some of the most popular jobs in this country?
2. People have adapted to the climate by wearing different clothes to suit the different weather.
3. People in this country use their natural resources for coal, energy, and they sell them to gain money. Some of them are fuel, metallic, non-metallic, and atomic minerals. Among the minerals, reserves of coal, iron ore, and bauxite.
4. Popular jobs people have in India are healthcare, social network marketing, real estate, and hotel hospitality.
Jobs in India (Part of Interaction)
Place Questions
1. What is the countries official name?
2. What are the two major river valleys located in India?
3. What is the countries population?
4. What religions are found in this country?
5. What languages are found in this country?
1. India's official name is Bharat.
2. The two major river valleys located n India are the Indus and Ganga.
4. Religions that are found in this country are Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Islam, and Christianity.
3. India's current population is 1.252 billion.
5. Some languages found in India are Hindi and English.
Movement in India
Attractions in India (part of Region)
India's Capital (part of place)
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