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Mod 1 Unit 2 Lesson 4

No description

Michael Mihaley

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Mod 1 Unit 2 Lesson 4

Do Now - Chalkboard Splash
What is the strongest evidence that shows how Ha is turned ‘inside out’ as her family settles in in Alabama?

Write quote and page # on provided sentence strip
Learning Targets

• I can identify the strongest evidence in the text “Refugees: Who, Where, Why” that helps me explain challenges refugees face when fleeing home.

• I can identify the strongest evidence in the text “Refugees: Who, Where, Why” that helps me explain challenges refugees face finding home.

• I can use common Greek and Latin affixes (prefixes) and roots as clues to help me know what a word means.

Prediction and Read-aloud of “Refugees: Who, Where, Why”
Make prediction on top of page:

* “Who are refugees?”

* “Where might refugees be from?”

* “Why might someone become a refugee?”

What do we do as close readers?
Chunk - Section 1 (paragraphs 1 &2)
Section 2 (paragraphs 3 & 4)
Section 3 (paragraphs 5-7)
Section 4 (paragraphs 8-10)
Section 5 (paragraphs 11-15)
Section 6 (last paragraph)

underline evidence that confirms your prediction, put a !! next to anything that surprises you.
Vocabulary in Context: Prefixes and Root Words
Circle these six words in the text:

overburdened (Section 3) malnourished (Section 3)

overcrowded (Section 3) repatriation (Section 4)

resettlement (Section 4) devastation (Section 6)

Partner Reading: Reread “Refugees: Who, Where, Why”
Take turns reading, annotate each section, writing the gist for each. Discuss.

Complete a first read of pages 135–157. Take notes (in your journals) using the Structured Notes graphic organizer. Focus on the strongest evidence that reveals how Ha is being turned “inside out,” plus vocabulary that helps you understand her challenges and responses
Building Background Knowledge, Predicting, and Focusing on Key Vocabulary:
Refugees: Who, Where, Why
How Ha is being turned "inside out"
pg #
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