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Climate Change

Bio B

Jaydon Krooss

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Climate Change

Warmer temperatures = more liquid water = more mosquitoes = more malaria, yellow fever, etc
Other Opinions


What can YOU do?...
Climate Change
The Facts


Sea Levels
If nothing changes, the Arctic may be ice-free by 2070
Polar ice cap melting at 11.5% a decade
Regarding the topic of global warming, there are a few skeptics out there that do not believe that it exists.
A greater number of people believe that global warming exists, but also that we are not contributors towards it and are not responsible nor capable to change it.
Loss/drowning of coastal areas and islands
Greater risk of flooding
Increases in anthropogenic CO2 levels are shown here.
Scientific Controversy
Health Concerns
Almost all scientific studies have proven that the Earth is warming. However, a few results point out that it may not be from human carbon dioxide emissions, and instead come from other sources, such as aerosol gases.

Unfortunately, the study of climate change has been impacted greatly by politics, and arguments over which data is correct has slowed the advancement of the field.
Humans contribute to global warming by the release of four main greenhouse gases:
carbon dioxide (CO2)
methane (CH4)
nitrous oxide (N2O)
the halocarbons (a group of gases containing chlorine, fluorine and bromine).

More extremes- rainstorms, droughts, hurricanes, wildfires, and heat waves
Many people believe that
global warming is definitely
a danger, but it is not a
major issue that we have to
face right now. Some believe
that it may be technologically
impossible for us to completely
"fix" global warming currently.
Advanced Extinctions and Ecosystem Shifts
Increases in CO2 levels can be attributed to increased fossil fuel consumption.
Agriculture and landfill affect methane levels.
Nitrous oxide levels are increased by fertiliser use and fossil fuel consumption.
3.6 degree increase in temperature will obliterate 97% of coral reefs and endanger 20% of all wildlife.
most species moving towards N/S poles as well as higher elevations
STAY INFORMED! Get to know the details of global warming. Keep on the lookout for new studies and political decisions on the matter.
GREENER TRANSPORTATION! Go to where you need to go by bus, bike, or even just walking. A greener car is very effective as well.
RECYCLE! Your choice matters. Reuse plastic bags and recycle bottles and cans.
An example of halocarbons are the chlorofluorocarbons, which were used in refrigerators and other industrial processes before international regulations were put in place to reduce their impact.
By Kul People
Jaydon Krooss
Meekal Amjad
Rachel Zhou

Here are shown increases in methane levels.
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