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Frankenstein and The Prometheus Myth

How Mary Shelley's Frankenstein relates to The Prometheus Myth.

maria morrone

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Frankenstein and The Prometheus Myth

By: Maria, Jenna and Adriana Frankenstein and The Prometheus Myth The Story of Prometheus and Frankenstein are similar through the themes of suffering and power, and characters. Themes Suffering
Power Suffering The humans in the Prometheus Myth show suffering when Pandora's box is opened by Pandora.
In Frankenstein, the characters of Justine, William and Henry show suffering through the monster's wrath.
Innocent people in both stories suffer as a result of the evil which is brought into their society. Power Jupiter creates Pandora in fear of losing his power to the humans.
Victor doesn't create a female monster so he doesn't lose control of the monster, in fear they will take over.

Jupiter uses his power to cause terror.
Victor uses his power and intelligence in creating human life, therefore also causing terror. Characters Victor and Jupiter
The monster and Pandora's box Victor and Jupiter Jupiter created Pandora for evil intentions because he was upset at the power that was given to humans from Prometheus.
Victor creates the monster to have a companion but his creation becomes evil because of Victor's neglect. The Monster and
Pandora's box Pandora's box is not evil until opened.
Once opened, there is no stopping what is held inside.
The monster originally had good intentions, but once he felt neglected, he unleashed his wrath and there was no stopping him.
The monster's evil was opened through the neglect of society. “despair had not yet taken possession of me; my feelings were those of rage and revenge” (Shelley 137)

"She opened the lid a very little, just to peep inside. All at once there was a whirring, rustling sound, and before she could shut it down again, out flew ten thousand strange creatures with death-like faces and gaunt and dreadful forms, such as nobody in all the world had ever seen." (Baldwin 4) In Andrew McCulloch's "Revolting Monsters" he discusses the importance of education to moral and emotional development. He states that Victor's "god like ambition has become recognizably manic: 'a new species would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me' (Shelley 51)." Recall The Story of Prometheus:
Prometheus created humans and gave them knowledge.
Jupiter is the highest "Mighty One".
Jupiter becomes afraid that humans will become more powerful than him.
He creates a beautiful goddess Pandora, meaning all-gifted.
Jupiter gives a box to Pandora containing evil in which Pandora is unaware of.
Pandora opens the box, thinking there are jewels, releasing the evil.
Jupiter remains in control and punishes Prometheus.
Hercules saves Prometheus and all good is restored.
What do you remember about
the Prometheus Myth? Frankenstein and the Prometheus Myth are related in these ways:
The theme of suffering.
The theme of power.
The relation between Victor and Jupiter.
The relation between the monster and Pandora's box. So... What did we learn? Questions? no? okay. The end.
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