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Ancient Roman art and Literature

Roman art and literature influenced everyday life in ancient rome. It made an era of great accomplishments that we still use today.

santiana wilson

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Ancient Roman art and Literature

Rome and Greece Everday Life Art Impact Today Ancient Roman art was influnced by greek and Etruscan culture, and was compared to the classical age of Greece. Greek work was also sent to Rome for military conquests, which shows that not all of Rome's beauty didnt come on ijust thier ideas. Art was a big part in Rome . It helped establish how the empire was ran. It also helped establish Roman activities such as, their wardrobe, parties, government,religion, teachings, and its military. Art in Rome sort help plan eveything out in rome and gave Rome their own style of living. Ancient Roman Art was influenced by greek and Etruscan culture and was compared to Greeks classical age. The Greeks also helped the Romans by their work being brought to Rome for military conquests. Because art was so big in rome, it helped inspire how the the empire was ran. In a way, it made the empire very organized. Architexture was a big part of ancient Rome . Its bascally how everything came to be. The Romans built so many temples, fountains,baths, market places, and ect. It is from their acheivements that we have what we have today. In ancient Rome, alot of the construction ideas came from the new kings and emperors. They made these ideas to either increase their popularity, throw away their bad reputations, or just to feel like a true Roman. Also alot of the temples and buildings that were built, was for wealthy people, the public place, Roman gods, and military use. As you now know, Rome was a huge place of growth and success. Ancient Rome has impacted our lives in so many ways. For example, the ancient Romans were the first to make Aquducts, or purifying water systems. Without that idea, we wouldn't know how to clean our water. Or the forums they built. They contained shopping malls, spas and a huge market place. Without that idea, would we even have a mall. Finally their construction techniques, even though alot of that came from the greeks, the Romans manifest them and took those ideas i to their own hands, and handed it down generations so that we can still use it today. I guess the real question is, what would our lifestyle be life without ancient Rome, and would we even know? Architexture Everyday Life Impact Art = TO Ancient Rome's Art and Architext!
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