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Imperialism in West Africa

No description

Angela Nguyen

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Imperialism in West Africa

Imperialism in West Africa
By Angela Nguyen, Tyanna Agront, and Malik Kennedy
West Africa begins life under the imperialism brought forth by European countries, enforce their system of government soon after.
What is imperialism/colonization?
Due to Europe's colonization, the people of Africa had to adapt to European laws.
Who colonized the area?
Europe wanted to express their power by dominating other foreign countries.
What was the reason for colonization?
Where did the idea of imperialism come from?
What were the good effects of colonizing West Africa for Europe?
How did West Africa benefit during the time of colonization?
How were the West African people treated by the Europeans' form of government?
How did indirect rule play a part in the control over the West African territories?
Did Africa ever fight back against colonization? How?
What were some drawbacks for Europe?
What were the lasting effects of imperialism that still exist today?
How was Europe able to imperialize or colonize West Africa?
What were West Africa’s views about being imperialized/colonized?
When and how did imperialism and colonization end in West Africa?
Position Statement
Supporting Facts
The people of West Africa all fought back to retain control of their own countries.
The people of Africa were assigned military positions to be a part of the current government system set up by the European countries.
Europe was not afraid of meeting up with Africa, they were quite confident that they would be able to colonize Africa.
After a very long period of time, European countries left West Africa, giving back to them their country to live as they please.
Even though the region of West Africa was mostly treated fairly, some of the people still tried to fight back.
Although the people were resentful, they still had to accept the fact that they were no longer in control of their country for the time being.
As time passed, the people came to terms with living under imperialism, even if some were secretly still not fully happy.
During the period of imperialism, European countries benefited greatly from Africa's large supply of natural resources. The people of West Africa would show the Europeans where the resources were according to the Europeans' demands.
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Europe's economy at this point in history was beginning to greatly depend on gold. So Africa's huge supply of gold added another reason to Europe's list of why they should colonize Africa.
Due to the constant competition among the European countries, they were hardly at ease among each other and were frequently argumentative.
With Europe's influence, new weaponry was brought into West Africa to modernize their battle equipment.
Hidden within all of the negativity is a small, positive light of hope.
Africa is home to many different types of people.

Europe established improved education systems for the West African children.
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