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Wikinomics PResentation

No description

Oscar Gomez

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Wikinomics PResentation

Wikinomics Ch. 10-Collaborative Minds Rob McEwen, CEO of Goldcorp... ...Collaborative Genius! 7 Models of Collaboration Peer Producers Ideagoras Prosumer Communities The New Alexandrians
Platforms for Participation
Power of Human Capital Wiki Workplaces The
of Wikinomics! The Ignorance of Crowds The Gate Keepers of Enlightenment Publishers, editors, managers, producers, etc. The Elites are the enemy of Web 2.0. Without elites, we're left with... 2
E(litism) >M(edio)C(rity) "It takes less time,
and most people
won't even notice
the difference until
it's too late." Talent
Portals Traditional Media vs Publishing The End of Intellectual Property? CCo It's the Law Competing with Free War
Internet Collaborative Minds Will Prevail! Leadership Crisis The Noise of Opinion "Leaders are like eagles,
we don't have either of
them here." Despite all of these negative concerns... "Never before have
so many people with
so little to say
said so much
to so few."
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