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Anthem:The Soundtrack

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nonye a

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Anthem:The Soundtrack

Imagine ~ John Lennon
This song relates to the ongoing theme of collectivism in The City. "Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"- this is what his society is doing day by day. All the people act as one-WE.
Boulevard of Broken Dreams~Green Day
This song will play on at the point in the book where Equality 7-2521 finds the job he is required to be dedicated to for the rest of his life. He is filled with disappointment and his dreams of being something greater are broken. But he knows he has no choice but to conform.
About the first two minutes of this song has a nice, serene beat. The thing we liked were the chimes- which made the song sound quite magical; taking us to another place( i.e the tunnel). Thsi was his amazing discovery and his first true act of Individuality.
Human Nature~Michael Jackson
In this song, Michael is referring to his love for a particular woman. Throughout the song he recognizes that people may question their relationship; but as a response to this he boldly sates that it's human nature to feel these feelings of
- one of the most natural feelings in the world.
This song will play at the point of the story where Equality goes up to the Scholars only to be rejected. The lyrics of this song isn't the real focus, but rather the beat is. It's very intense and suspenseful like the scene in the book. The theme of conformity plays out as the Scholars quickly knock down Equalities idea just because he acted alone.
Hiegh Ho/ 9 to 5~ Dwarf Chorus/Dolly Patron
This song relates to the theme of conformity. Equality is forced to conform to his role as a street sweeper. This will play while he's doing his mindless work.
Lights~Ellie Goulding
This song will play on when Equality makes the light. This song was chosen due to it's repetitive use of the word light. This invention was the first thing equality could feel proud of. This was another act of Individuality.
Anthem:The Soundtrack
I Just want to Run~The Downtown Fiction
This song is perfect for the part of the book in where Equality runs himself into the forest. " I just wanna run, hide it away because they're chasing me down." It depicts how Equality feel. Running away to hide the light.
Ain't it Fun~ Paramore
This song talks about being out in the real world. At this moment in time Equality is out by himself in the real world. When he is out there he has no one to cry to. He is now truly on his own.
L.O.V.E~Nat King Cole
This song will go on when the Golden One goes to see Equality and be with him even though he's now the outcast. This is true love- unbreakable at best. This is again related to the theme of
Bonus Track!
This song is very peaceful and calm- what I try and have my life be everyday. It means I AM ME and no one else. The world is ou there for me to grasp. I am an individual.
Anthem Cast
Equality 7-2521- Ansel Elgort
Liberty 5-3000- Scarlett Johanson/Blake Lively
The Transgressor of the Unspeakable word-Kevin Hart
World Council of Scholars- Morgan Freeman
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