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The Ukraine Crisis

No description

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of The Ukraine Crisis

Under the surface
The Ukraine Crisis
Duncan Rodway
Cecilia Yus
Borna Ashari
Lehi Laceste
History of Ukraine
"Ukraine has been under the control of others for the past 300 years. We are only just now learning what it means to be independent, but it won't happen smoothly or overnight."

Been together with Russia since late 17th century
Separated from Soviets during the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991
In the early 1930's Stalin orchestrated a famine in the Ukraine, starving and killing millions
He subsequently moved millions of Russians into Eastern Ukraine to repopulate the area (These people could not speak Ukrainian and had no ties to the region)
The sense of Ukrainian nationalism is not as deep in the east as it is in west.
Identity Crisis
"Rich people are mostly Russian-speaking, while a great many citizens of Ukraine with Ukranian mentality are poor people."

National vs Ethnic
Language (33% speak Russian as their main language)
Religion (Eastern orthodox and Catholism)

Highly Corrupt (Least corrupt countries it placed 144th, tied with Nigeria, Iran and PNG)
Strong Mafia Presence
The western portions are predominantly Catholic.
The eastern portions are Orthodox.
Low standards of living compared to neighboring countries (Poland shared same living standards with Ukraine in 1991)--> Now 10 years behind Poland
Relies on Russia to supply its energy.
Declining Population -0.2% growth rate.
Average salary is less than 200 euros per month.

The Current Crisis

The Culture
Corruption Rankings
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