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Jakob Bauer

Mrs. Waggoner

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Sphinx


By Jakob Bauer Sphinxes Sphinxes were built for when pharaohs died. Sphinxes were built because the statues inspired the people to build sphinxes. Sphinxes had the body of a lion,and the head of a boy. Also,many men and woman died building sphinxes. Greek Sphinx The greek sphinx has the body of a lion,a serpent tail, wings, and a head of a girl. Also,it asked riddles. Great Sphinx The great sphinx is located in Giza and the oldest,most famous sphinx in the world. It was built 4,500 years in the past,it's 66 feet tall,and was carved out of a giant rock. It has a royal headdress on its head,and a symbol of royal protection. Other Sphinxes Some sphinxes had pictures,sculptures,and statues in the sphinxes in Egypt as well as Greece. Also,most sphinxes are made of pottery or metal. Other people did the same thing the egyptians as well. The people who made the sphinxes carved the face of that person on the sphinx. Horus Horus is the sun god,also the sky god. Sphinxes People who lived long ago in Egypt,Greece,and Middle East had sphinxes. Sculptures of the pharaohs and some slaves help making sphinxes. Sphinxes were worn away by sand,wind,rain,and the sun. They also had pictures of them. More about sphinxes Some of the ancient sphinxes have wings and serpent tail. Art of the sphinx showed lions conquering their enemies. Sphinx in greek meant imaginary evil monster. The limestone that was used to make sphinxes made several pyramids.
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