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Job Shadowing Human Services

My time at Homework Factory

Jazmine Smith

on 23 May 2012

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Transcript of Job Shadowing Human Services

My Time Volunteering at
What do I want to learn?
How does my product demonstrate it?
How do I want to learn it?
Followed through with the plan as described in the proposal.
Project Rubric
Determined a way to measure and document progress
I conducted thorough research into current methods and practices of Out of School Time and was thoroughly knowledgeable
Problem Solving
I responded effectively and competently to unforeseen circumstances.
My project was personally challenging and I acquired new skills
I set and adhered to a regular schedule to ensure a timely completion of my hours
I set an acceptable standard for my product to show proficiency, obtained feedback, had my skill assessed by a professional and demonstrated improvement of the skill
Value, meaning and purpose of learning
Mentor: Sheryl Passarge
Family Support Specialist for CHS
Mentor and Support
Family Support
AmeriCorp Staff
AmeriCorp Staff
Exceeded Expectations
Volunteered for more than 7-8 weeks (15 documented plus additional)
Completed Homework Logs after each day, including extra time
Met Expectations
Researched state grade level standards
Compared Alejandra's progress to standards
Homework Logs
Research evidence
Resource on Social and Emotional Learning
Research findings on Out of School Time
Book on education system
Resource showing Washington State learning standards
Presentation by mentor and staff on Homework Factory and beyond
Original product basis had to be changed
Students not showing up to Homework Factory
Students not wanting help
Student motivation
Multitasking with students
Multitasking attention
Math skills
Making resources
Critical Incident Reports
Developing an "eye" for issues
Homework Factory: Monday-Wednesday
Met with mentor before each quarter to discuss availability
Adhered to schedule throughout experience
Reached 40 hours before predicted deadline
Only missed days due to snow storm
Evaluated with mentor so we agreed on all points
Homework Log summary
Consultation with other staff
Compared to standards
Homework Logs showed fabulous study skills and behavior, and showed increased motivation
Reading motivation increased, expanded vocabulary, uses evidence from the text, reads variety of topics and genres. Showed learning aligned with 3rd grade standards
Began to work with multiplication and refined concept of value places
A wonderful experience that could have only been provided by this program
A deep, meaningful bond with the students as a mentor
Prioritizing and decision making skills put to the test and expanded
Truly helped someone else and made strides to better the world, one student at a time
How to be an efficient tutor
The connection between Homework Factory and the goals of Human Services
By injecting myself into Homework Factory
Being trained by my mentor
Thorough research of Out-of -School Time
Progress by Alejandra towards state standards demonstrates my progress as a tutor
Will be shown as a portfolio
Summer internship at Camp Ballinger
Wanted to job shadow Human Services field
Focused on Homework Factory as a tutor/mentor
What is Homework Factory?
Steps to Completion
Volunteer at Homework Factory until mid- February
Complete homework logs during debrief
Researched state standards
Compare student progress to standards
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