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The Lion's Den


Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of The Lion's Den

Welcome, James
Why are we here?
To drive traffic to The Lion's Den
To eliminate perceptions
To advertise new services and...
Ultimately - make you more money
- Good prices for food and entertainment at lunchtime

- There is nothing else like this in Dryden – no mini-putt indoor or out / no golf simulator

- Location – proximity to high school for lunch and after school entertainment
- Perception that Lion's Den is only for elementary aged kids

- Not a high visibility location

- Not getting lunch traffic yet. Plans on hold for a “lunch bar.”

- Difficulty getting the word to potential customers
- Drive lunch traffic

- With simulator, you can hold tournaments and fundraisers through the winter

- Could start men's/women's league on simulator
- If golf course gets a simulator – very little chance of getting adults to the Lion's Den

- Simulator will be mostly unused while the golf courses are open (July-Sept)

- Other extra-curricular activities
Why advertise?
Sell your services today
Educate consumers
Increase name awareness
Influence target audience
Promote new products and services
Generate new customers
Build your brand
Why radio?
- Radio makes a personal connection with its listeners

- The radio station they listen to is THEIR radio station

- Radio is a personal, yet mass media version of ‘word of mouth’
It’s Mobile
Radio is on:

- In the car, at home and at work
- Streaming online and on your mobile phone
- It’s in stores, restaurants and at the dentist office
- Radio is always accessible
Where ever you are...radio is there with you.
It’s Sound
- Radio is sound, and sound is memorable

- Consider music and all those songs you know the lyrics to without ever intentionally learning them
It’s Effective
- Your potential customers spend more time on a typical work-day with radio than any other type of media

- 92% of adults listen to radio an average of 20 hours per week.
This is how Canadians spend their media time:
Why Q-104?
A Sound Partnership
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