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Pistol-Grip Tool

No description

Samantha Katz

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Pistol-Grip Tool

Pistol-Grip Tool
main tool used by space walkers
hand drill
features pistol style handle with large screen
program speed and torgue
Robot Crane
8 feet long
holds/moves up to 200,00 lbs
closed circut TV to guide crane
collision avodence system
Astronauts using the Pistol-Grip Tool
The Robot Crane vs. Regular Crane
Equipment used in space
Trace Gas Analyzer
high-performance mass spectrometer
2 inches long
placed on astronuats chests
can detect leaking fluids
Safety Teathers
25 feet long
tied around waist of astronaut
made with heat resistant webbing
hold 878 lbs
Astronaut Using the Safety Teather
effects on mind and body
effects on body
drastic loss in bone and muscle mass
not to mention when returning to earth astronauts are taller do to their spines straightening out in the zero gravity environment
effects on mind
effects on the mind include...
depression, anxiety, insomnia, psychosis, etc.
Not to mention many astronauts experience long term isolation and loneliness
Difficulties of Being In Space
fluid shift
cardiovascular system
inner ear
sleep and performance
are all effected in space
Astronauts can experience disorientation, space motion sickness, and lose of sense of direction. When returning to Earth they must readjust to gravity.
Eating in Space
Eating in space is similar to eating on Earth, however, the food is mostly or completely dehydrated to keep it from spoiling and meats are put under radiation before they are put onboard.
It takes astronauts about 20-30 minutes to rehydrate and heat their meal in space.
Astronauts training and preparation for space!
Phase 1
-2 years
-in class training and out of class training
Phase 2
-trainees group with mentors
phase 3
(advanced mission training)
1. bachelor's degree
2. Pilot-in-in command time
3. pass NASA space physical
Then off to space!

Living Space,
and Food
Parts of the Uniform
the hard upper torso
the arm assembly
the lower torso assembly
sleeping bags
tethering themselves to the wall
mac n cheese
ketchup, mustard, mayo
salt and pepper
ice cream
Space Food
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