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100 Greek Myths

it is about 100 Greek myths

Ved Thampi

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of 100 Greek Myths

ATTICUS STORYTELLER'S 100 GREEK MYTHS Prezi made by Ved Thampi Made By Lucy Coats and Anthony Lewis The 100 Story Names: The Rating out of 10 1s : 10 1: Father Sky and Mother Earth 2: The Stone baby 3: King of the Gods,Lord of the Universe 4: The Three Gifts 5: The Volcano Monster 6: The boy who fell out of the Sky
7: How Fire Came to Earth
8: The Inquistive Wife
9: The Greatest Flood
10: The Cuckoo's Trick
11: The Queen of the Underworld
12: The Foam Goddes 13: The Lame Blacksmith
14: The Bull From The Sea
15: The Copper Tower
16: The Snake-Haired Gorgon
17: The Magic Head
18: Black Python and The Arrows of The Sun
19: The Girl Who Grew into a Bay Tree
20: The Monster in The Maze
21: The Generous Couple
22: The Man who Loved the Moon
23: The Web-Spinner 24: The Golden King And The Asses' Ears
25: The Queen Who Cried Rivers
26: The Grasshopper Husband
27: The Starry Hunter
28: The Terrible Feast
29: The Dolphin Messenger 30: The Bee of Wisdom
31: The Robber's Bed
32: The Sharp-Eyed King
33: The Runaway Sun
34: The Secret Wine
35: Rainbow Eggs
36: War and Strife
37: The Baby and the Cows
38: The King who Tricked Death 39: The Hundred-Eyed Watchman
40: The Chattering Girl the Beautiful Boy
41: The Huntress in the Pool
42: Reed Nymph
43: The Cloth of Life
44: The Kindly Ones
45: The Games Of Gods
46: The Strongest Man
47: Cattle Stealer
48: The Dirtiest Job in the World
49: The Biggest Pig
50: The Golden Deer 51: Fire Breather
52: The Man-Eating Mares
53: The Magic Skin
54: The Golden Apples
55: The Queen's Belt
56: The Swamp Monster
57: Bronze Feathers
58: The Guardian Of The Underworld
59: The Flying Horse
60: The Cunning Thief
61: The Poisoned Robe
62: The War of the Snake Giants About:
This book is about a man named Atticus who sets out on an adventure to go to a storytelling competition and he took a donkey named Melissa who is taken by her leash and they leave their home but the competition is a long way away and the competition is held in Mount Ida Atticus lives in Cydonia so he travels by different transportation but when he gets there he ..... The competition and every place he went he met different people and he tells 100 stories in the whole book. 63: The Brave Huntress
64: The Girl Who Ran Fastest
65: The Boastful Singer
66: The Faithful Wife
67: The First Murder
68: The Sweetest Music
69: The Centaur Healer
70: The Godesses' Quarrel
71: The Boy in the Fire
72: The Ship of Heroes
73: The Impossible Task
74: The Boy Whom Love Forgot
75: The Nymph And The Cowherd
76: The Fairest Goddess 77: The Greeks' Bargain
78: The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships
79: The Sacrifice of a Princess
80: The King Who Ploughed Sand
81: The Smelly Wound
82: The Cunning Plan
83: The Hero Who Sulked
84: Revenge!
85: The Hero's Heel
86: The Arrows of Death
87: The Luck of Troy
88: The Wooden Horse
89: The Greeks Go Home
90: The Princess Nobody Believed
91: The Land Of Sleep
92: The One-Eyed Giant
93: The Enchantress and the Pigs
94: Ghosts From the Underworld
95: The Death Singers
96: Snaptooth and Watersucker
97: The Island of Mists
98: The Golden Ball
99: The Return of the Wanderer
100: The End of The Journey
The End Biography of Lucy Coats(Author)
Lucy Coats grew up in Hampshire village. Most of her childhood was spent outdoors spending most of her time outdoors with differnt types of animals. She used to look at Scottish folklore that helped her when she wrote the Celtic Myths. Biography of Anthony Lewis(illustrator)
Anthony Lewis is a British children's illustrator he has also illustrated other books one of his books is The Owl Tree which won him the Nestles Smarties Book Prize. SOURCES
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