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No description

Fiona McKay

on 5 July 2016

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Why are you here today?

Protected Characteristics:
Sexual Oreintation
Gender re-assignment
Associative and perceptive discrimination
Removal of the DRA
Bullying, Victimisation & Harassment

Key components

How concerned are you on a scale of 1-10 that you and your team are exposed to discrimination claims?
Does your management style create legal challenge?
Do you understand Equality & Diversity?

Where we are?

Employees rights:
Statutory and contractual rights
To be treated with respect
To express your own feelings
To express your opinions and values
To say “no” to unreasonable requests
To make mistakes
To change your mind
To say I don’t understand
To ask for help

Your responsibilities:
To protect the rights of others
To listen to the views of others
To be fair, just and legally compliant in your dealings

Rights and responsibilities

Effect of what people do and say

Line Managers are key factors in transportation

Triumph or Tribunal?

Line manager creates a local environment

Sets the performance and absence levels

Significantly contributes towards attrition

“I didn‘t leave the business, I left my manager”

Cost creating environments

Line manager creates a local environment
Sets the performance and absence levels
Significantly contributes towards attrition

“I didn‘t leave the business, I left my manager”

Personal Liability

Role model behaviours

The really obvious and the subtle sting!!

Sex discrimination

Race discrimination

Age Discrimination

What does it mean for us at Adidas?
Older or younger workers?
What do I need to be aware of legally when involved in workforce planning?
What beneficial skills will older workers have that I can harness?

Age discrimination and the removal of the DRA?

Associative Discrimination

Perceptive discrimination
Religion and Belief

Can you ask someone about their faith or beliefs at interview?
Do you have to grant holiday for those wishing to observe other religious festivals?
Do you have to provide a prayer room?
What about religious/cultural clothing?

Religion and or Belief

Incentives, Reward & Social Activities


Gender re-assignment

Family friendly entitlements – could this be discrimination?

Shared Parental Leave
Flexible working
Time off for urgent family

Family Friendly Entitlements

Disability Duty

A person (A) discriminates against a disabled person (B) if :

“A” treats “B” unfavorably because of something arising in consequence of B’s disability
“A” cannot show that the treatment is a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim

Disability and detriment

Widening a doorway to assist a wheelchair
Amended working hours
Provide software that is braille compatible/hard of hearing
Transferring a disabled worker to an existing vacancy with retraining
Arranging home working
Acquiring and modifying equipment
Providing a reader or an interpreter
Providing a support worker
Modifying disciplinary of grievance procedures
Combining many steps together

Duty to make reasonable adjustments

Are stress issues classed as a disability?

Management competencies for stress at work:

Respectful & responsible
Managing & communicating existing and future work
Managing difficult situations and taking responsibility
Managing individuals within the team

* Source HSE and CIPD

Line Manager behavior and stress at work

Car park chats

Case Studies

Do candidates self select?
Do your customers see people like themselves when they come into your stores?
How wide is your talent pool?
Are your people recruiting in their own image?

Our Image

Do you include diversity and equality within induction and probation?
Why is that important?

Induction and Probation

Recruitment questions

Do you choose someone
You know?
Looks, acts and behaves like you?
Or will just do!

Do you always pick the most suitable candidate?

What is the profile of your team?
What attitudes and prejudices do they have?

Attitudes and behaviours


Courageous Conversations

Different interpretation of the facts
Low trust and or broken relationships
Diverging values with issues over ownership & control

The Conflict Lifecycle

Be aware of tension within your teams and keep it to as low a volume as possible
Pick up on squabbles before they lead to conflict
Acknowledge when a team member is causing problems or stress to others
Act as a role model
Be clear about expectations of team conduct
Don’t tolerate backbiting in the team
Show no interest at all in office gossip or politics
Keep employee issues private and confidential
Treat all employees with the same importance

Some solutions to conflict issues

Humour or Harassment?

Bullying or Banter?

Healthy Conflicts -v- Bullying Situations
Clear roles and tasks -v- Role ambiguity
Collaborative relations -v- Unco-operative behaviour/boycott
Common and shared objectives -v- Lack of foresight
Explicit interpersonal relations -v- Ambiguous interpersonal relations
Healthy organisation -v- Organisational flaws
Ethical behaviour -v- Unethical activities
Occasional clashes and confrontation -v- Long-lasting and systematic disputes
Open and frank strategies -v- Equivocal strategies
Open conflict and discussion -v- Covert actions and denial of conflict
Straightforward communication -v- Oblique and evasive communication

Healthy conflict –v- Bullying and Harassment

Can you:
Call a member of staff when off sick?
Facebook them?
Drop in at their home to check they are O.K?


Setting measured standards – what’s the plan?

Getting to grips

with us on

us on

us on

Social Media support

Keep in touch!

Fiona McKay
07922 070236
My role
Educate, align and empower
Ask you key questions
Give everyone the opportunity to participate and evaluate
Help you to find win/win solutions
Focus you on point and bring you back if you start to deviate
Allow disagreement but protect individuals and their ideas or contributions from attack
Encourage active listening
Shape, suggest and guide

What about other long term health conditions?

People won’t always remember what you said, they often won’t remember what you do, but they will always remember how you made them FEEL!

2020 women will be the key factor
in future change & growth around the world
$28 trillion
of global consumer spending
£23 billion
UK economy
of management & leadership in UK
Companies in the highest percentile of women on their boards outperformed those in the lowest percentile by
53% higher return

42% higher return on sales
, and
66% higher return on invested capital
1 women
on a board reduces risk
at United Nations
Shared Parental Leave
improved awareness
grade blockers
*McKinsey & Co 2015
Companies in the top quartile
for gender, racial and ethnic diversity are more likely to have financial returns above industry national medians
Racial & ethnic diversity
has on stronger impact on financial performance in the US than gender diversity
increase in ethnicity private schools
Open + connected =
Role models
Improvements in productivity & performance
Following as
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