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Enterprise Control

No description

Austin Jones

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Enterprise Control

Enterprise Control Creating and executing business strategies,
managing resources and making decisions
that affect the operations of a company. Accounting Business Economics & Public Policy Entrepreneurship
& Corporate Innovation Finance-Real Estate Information &
Process Management Management Marketing Supply Chain
Management International
Business Those interested in Enterprise Control would enjoy the large amount of strategic planning required to develop an advertising campaign, as well as managing the wide variety of resources involved. Marketing decisions also directly affect the function of the company, another key aspect of enterprise control. Brand Management Marketing Director Bell-Pottinger Private UK
AAM Brand Management One could fulfill that interest here because in this major they apply economic principles to make business decisions and create strategies. There is also an emphasis on managerial economics in this field. Research Associate Financial Consultant Cultural Adviser A Day in the Life: International Trade Specialist Database Administrator Information Systems Manager
CIGNA Corporation A Day in the Life: Chief Operating Officer (COO) ExactTarget
Horizon Media An entrepreneur is one who organizes a new business venture to make a profit. This is the process of gathering and distributing the necessary resources to make a new venture successful. Someone with an interest in enterprise control would like the many decisions to make and factors to manage. A Day in the Life: Venture Capitalist Business Consultant 1. Days are full of meetings with entrepreneurs and portfolio companies.
2. There is networking at conferences and other events.
3. You spend some time on research and must be diligent for active deals.
4. Just like investment banking, you’re busiest when you’re working on a deal and it’s close to the finish line. Finance majors need to be skilled in managing capital resources, as well as formulating financial game plans. Finance-Real Estate majors in particular must also manage the myriad of other resources and third-party firms involved when dealing with property. Master Production Scheduler A Day in the Life: Real Estate Developer Reports to the CEO and board of directors.
Involved in short and long-term strategic planning for the business.
Responsible for day to day operations.
Takes reports from company division heads. Determine the potential profit of various types of properties in a market
Research many locations and purchase the ideal one, usually a large tract of undeveloped land
Speak with an architect about developing blueprints for your building project
Negotiate contracts with a third-party construction company and materials suppliers
Oversee the progress of a project under construction
Sell or rent developed property to customers This major involves conducting business in two or more nations, and therefore requires unique business strategies for the different corporate cultures, as well as careful management. Work with foreign government trade offices
Process necessary government forms for clients
Research commerce laws and foreign market trends Real Estate Developer Real Estate Broker One with an interest in enterprise control may like this because it involves managing a network of businesses involved in providing goods and services to the final customers in a supply chain. All types of materials from raw materials to finished goods are involved. The Trump Organization
JP Morgan Prudential
RE/MAX International Trade Specialist Venture Capitalist Chief Operating Officer This involves managing business processes, connecting people, and improving operations through use of technology systems. Accounting is a vital element of enterprise control because the reports produced through accounting are used for internal planning and decision-making. Without accounting there would be no way to optimize business efficiency and determine the best use for a business’s resources. Big Four Accounting Firms
Ernst and Young
PWC Corporate Accountant
Ensures Company’s financial statements are presented in accordance with GAAP
Present statements to executives for their comments and review
Answer questions for auditors and provide documentation
Work with internal and external sources to find solutions to issues and irregularities
Most focus is spent on preparing financial statements for year end
Certain times of year can be busier and require 60+ hour workweeks Day in the Life: Corporate Accountant Chief Executive Officer General/Operations Manager Special Programs Coordinator Plan, direct, or coordinate the operations of companies or public and private sector organizations. Duties and responsibilities include formulating policies, managing daily operations, and planning use of materials and human resources (HR), but also are diverse in general business administration or management. ASW Global PS International Verizon Wireless
Any major corporation General Motors
Any major corporation Big Brothers Big Sister Organization The Boston Consulting Group
JD Power & Associates
• Developing, communicating, and implementing the organization's image, mission, and overall direction.
• Leading, guiding, and evaluating the work of executive leaders including presidents, vice presidents, and directors, based on the organization's reporting structure.
• Providing advice and guidance, when needed, from a Board of Directors.
• Conveying and implementing the strategic plan that guides the direction of the business or organization.
• Evaluating the success of the organization.
• Upholding awareness of both the external and internal competitive structure. A Day in the Life: CEO Created by Kieger Brady, Luke Feeney, Tim Wellman, Austin Jones, Nathan Goldsmith and Brian Cyganek.
Compass T175, Monday, 1:00 pm section
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