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Copy of 4 Reasons Why We Should All Be Concerned About the NSA

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Rand Paul

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of 4 Reasons Why We Should All Be Concerned About the NSA

#1 It treats everyone as a terrorist
#3 It is Unconstitutional
It treats you, an innocent citizen, as a pedophile, rapist, mass-murdering terrorist; before they offer evidence to back it up. It essentially throws away "innocent until proven guilty"
#2 It is a gross violation of civil-liberties
It throws privacy out the window. Privacy is the right to control the flow of information and the NSA throws that out the window, on the off chance that you might, possibly be doing something wrong.
It violates the 4th amendment, which is one of our most important.
Catch you next time!
4 Reasons Why We Should All Be Concerned About the NSA
By jackkazim
Hardest Part Was Only Picking 4
It's like assuming your girlfriend is cheating
because, she got a text from a guy
#4 It has changed America for the worse
It has changed America so that terrorist threats (which are very rare) now become justification for turning George Orwell's 1984 into a reality.
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