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Evolution of weapons

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on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Evolution of weapons

Evolution of weapons
The spear at the beginning were made of stones or precious stones for example jade but flint was the one that was often used. A bit more advanced Spear is in Greece. They did not use flint but used iron in the Bronze age beccause they found out iron is stronger than Bronze.
Stone Age
Bronze age
The Beginning
Around 2 million years ago humans used stones to throw at people or predators.
The stone age is a time period during which humans used stone for tool making. Stone tools were made of different types of stones.Flint was one type of stone. A chipped flint will be a tool for cutting.
3800 B.C was the earliest bronze working. One place that makes swords out of bronze are the greeks.
Iron Age
By: Aaaqil Medalla
Stone Sword
The Iron age first working was on 1380 B.C in the Hittite Empire. The Romans an ancient civilization from 753 B.C compared to the Greeks, the Romans have swords made of iron.
The bow is an old range weapon.The bow was made of wood and the string was made of plant fibre. The arrow tips are made of rocks.
The History of the Crossbow dates back to 600BC in Ancient China.The correct term for a crossbow is an Arbalest..The crossbow range was 350 – 400 yards but could only be shot at a rate of 2 arrows per minute.
In the1400s the Matchlock gun is made.
In 1509, the wheel lock was invented
In 1630 the first far range gun was invented and is called the flintlock.
In 1873 winchester rifle was invented
In 1850 shotguns were invented
In 1892 the first hand gun was invented.
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