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The Holocaust

No description

Bradley Ragoodial

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of The Holocaust

The Holocaust
Genocide of the Jewish Race
Genocide is defined as the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, Caste, religious, or national group. In 1933, Adolf Hitler became the leader of Germany. His main goal was to increase the German lands and raise a superior race of Aryans. His hatred for Jews, Slavs, Romas, political opponents, prisoners of war, Jehovah's Witnesses, the physically and mentally challenged, and homosexuals led him to persecute and kill. By the end of his directorship in 1945 there were an estimated 11 million people dead, among them 6 million Jews. This genocide is recorded in history as the Holocaust.
Hitler Striped the Jews of all their civil rights they could not own any businesses and stores and were also prohibited from farming land. In 1938, the Nazis attacked Jewish people in their homes and sent about 30,000 Jews to concentration camps. This night came to be called Kristallnacht, which means "Night of Broken Glass."
In Hitler's "Final Solution" that called for the murder of every Jew in German-occupied territories, gas chambers like these were used to kill masses. The Jews were misled to believe that they were going to the showers. Thousands at a time were led to their deaths in these poisin gas chambers.
This is a picture of a mass grave used to bury thousands of murdered Jews. Even today mass graves are still being uncovered in German, Ukraine and other WWII sites.
This is one of thousands of Jewish memorial sites built throughout the world after the Holocaust. It was not until the end of the WWII that the world became aware of the atrocities committed against the Jewish people by the Nazis.
The effects of the Holocaust upon the Jewish population were overwhelming. There numbers at the end of WWII went from about 6.5 million to 200,000. They were displaced, they had no home, their families were gone, they had nothing but their life and their horror story, that affected them mentally, physically and spiritually. Most Jews from throughout Europe went to their former homeland, worked together and in 1948, established the State of Israel. After decades survivors began to talk about their experiences. The world recognizes the wrong committed by the Nazis to the Jewish people and formed the United Nations to protect people from genocide.
A call to action is being made because we recognize that even today genocide still exists. Every human life is unique and valuable. Every life is important and must be protected. There are many humanitarian organizations that seek to protect those confronted by this evil. Let us all do our part in preventing genocide.

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