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Email Etiquette

How to send professional work emails.

Mary Arnold

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Email Etiquette

It's more important than you think Email Etiquette Be informative yet brief Watch your Tone Format Rules Bad Examples Be Concise, Not Rude Get to the point, but don't forget proper greetings. Avoid Sarcasm Avoid Caps Lock
Bold or underline important deadlines or subject matter within the email
Contractions are fine, slang is not
Use proper punctuation
Use a formal greeting. Ex. Dear Dr.
Use a descriptive signature Title your email

Subject: 11am Sales meeting in the Wolff auditorium 2/18 Subject: Very Important!!! Read Immediately

Rather than trying to get a readers attention
you should put the subject of your
email in the title. Title: Warning- Tonight is the deadline to pay Akpsi Dues Subject: Blank Subject: Meeting Don't send smiley faces or excessive exclamation marks!!!!!!! It's overkill. Send a short, friendly greeting.
Example: Bill, I hope your day is going well. Short responses may be interpreted as being uninterested or rude Please and thank you go a long way Bad Example:

John, I need the status reports sent to me asap.

~KStray Good Examples Now You Know!
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