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Taste Barcelona

No description

Óscar Soriano

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of Taste Barcelona

TELEFÈRIC is a wine from Spain with essence from Barcelona.

Is young, free and made for cool people.


Closer to young American public.

Capture market share of imported wines.

Access to market trendy restaurants.
Taste Barcelona

In 1993 we began our passionate story at world of art and culture, sensitive to good taste and good food lovers.

We always feel backed by the loyalty of our customers and friends, and for a product more and more elaborate, our offer has grown, and our clients well.
Set in the heart of an amazing city, Barcelona, we could only imagine a big destination.

Our american dream…

We know that those who have visited Barcelona have left a piece of his heart here.

TELEFÈFIC wanted to give them a part of their essence.

San Franciso Area (or CA) will enjoy with our new restaurant.

And the whole country can taste Barcelona with our wine
Barcelona the city of…

Barcelona is the Spanish city of
, talent,
in the forefront. Wonderful city whose international reputation is growing, stands out in fields such as tourism,
, architecture,
, fashion, health, research, education, new technologies, but also a reference for the automotive, pharmaceutical or food industry.

It is a center where fancy work and live.

As expected, when you're passionate about good food, wine inevitably be too.

Once again our family grew. The sum of Spain wine country and Barcelona with his overwhelming personality was born Telefèric wine.
Red Wine Specifications

2012 harvest

Type of grape: Grenache (55%), Tempranillo (45%).

Aging: 12 months in barrels of 225 liters French oak and American

Alcohol: 13.73% vol.

pH: 3.56

Total acidity: 5.4 g / l (HV).

Volatile acidity: 0.59 g / l (a.a.).

Free sulfur: 23 mg /.

Total sulfur: 90 mg / l.

About Grapes
Grenache is a Spanish variety of grapevine (Vitis vinifera). It is a late, very vigorous and productive variety. It adapts well to sandy soils or rocks and slightly acidic.

It is a highly productive plant. It is resistant to drought and cold. It has clusters of medium and compact size; berries are medium sized, oval and dark red, purple. It produces wines of low color and high alcohol content

It produces balanced wines. Red or rose wine Grenache owns between 15º and 16º of alcohol, has low color, full-bodied and slightly acidic. In some areas it is produced by adding part of fermented and unfermented grape juice, resulting in a primary aroma of jam and spices. They are fleshy palate.

Tempranillo is a red grape variety grown extensively to produce full-bodied red wines in Spain, where it originated. It occupies an acreage of 31,046 hectares, with a steady increase in recent years at the expense of other varieties. It is considered native of Rioja. It is the main grape used in Rioja, and is often referred to as the "noble grape" of Spain. His name is short for early, which refers to the fact that mature several weeks earlier than most Spanish red grape varieties.

Tempranillo mixtures used, being usually 90% of the mixture. Less frequently it is bottled as a varietal wine. As low acidity and low sugar content also, as normal is mixed with Grenache, Carignan, Graciano, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. By blending grape with Carignan a brighter and acidic wine is achieved. In Australia, the Tempranillo is blended with Grenache and Syrah. In Portugal, where is known as Tinta Roriz, is a principal grape in the production of some ports.

It has a frank palate, interesting young wine and velvety when aged palate. It is considered preferential variety and for some years is the variety that greater surface occupies in the name Rioja.

Tasting Notes
It has a bright ruby red with vermilion reflections,. The nose is dense envelope, with aromas of well-integrated oak with fresh red fruit notes from the Garnacha and Tempranillo. The palate is fresh, harmonious, silky, with a delicate and elegant tannic structure. Aromas mouth francs, reflecting the nose. An easy-drinking wine and modern style
Food Pairing

75 cl / 25.3 oz
In Front Label
Sagrada Familia

Columbus Monument


QR Code

Certified Wine Region

In heaven we can see several words like Barcelona.

In Back Label
Oficial Name


Alcohol Information

Quality Seal


Certified Wine Region

Our best wishes!
White Wine Specifications

2014 harvest

Type of grape: Verdejo 100%

Soil Type: Sandy loam with boulders on the surface and
clay underneath several meters deep.

Alcohol: 12.5% vol.

pH: 3.23

Total acidity: 5.15 g / l (HV).

Volatile acidity: 0.16 g / l (a.a.).

Free sulfur: 22.4 mg /.

Total sulfur: 115.2 mg / l.

About Grapes
This is a high quality grape, one of the best white grapes of Spain. The vine is vigorous horizontal size and trunk. It is small to medium, pentagonal, medium leaf petiole sinus, shortly open in lira, glabrous underside, petiole nerves and density of hairs no or very low. Cluster of small to medium size, very short stalk. Small to medium, generally spherical or elliptical short and yellow berries; their seeds tend to be somewhat larger, emphasizing candled when the grape is observed.

This is usually alone in varietal wines without supplementing with another grape. It produces very aromatic wines, full-bodied, soft and glycerol. Good acidity and characteristic bitter touch. It was traditionally based on the hearth wines with long aging in oak barrels producing wines like sherry. Verdejo grape is usually harvested at night to pass the grapes to wineries at a temperature of 10-15 C, rather than the daytime temperature (in September can reach 28 or 30 C). A cooler, less oxidation and browning of the must.

Tasting Notes
The nose is intense with hints of apples, ripe tropical fruits and white flowers.

In the palate the texture is oily, the finish is long and elegant with a good balance
between the fruits and acidity. Very fresh and pure with a crisp acidity.
Food Pairing

75 cl / 25.3 oz
In Front Label
Sagrada Familia

Barcelona name

Columbus Monument


QR Code


In heaven we can see several words.

In Back Label
Oficial Name


Alcohol Information

Quality Seal


Wine Region

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