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TLC and Fabrinet: The Future

No description

Meghan Sluis

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of TLC and Fabrinet: The Future

TLC and Fabrinet The Future TLC and Fabrinet TLC and Fabrinet The Future Equipment and Trade Materials and labor are inexpensive in Thailand
Preexisting manufacturing locations in both Thailand and New Jersey
More economical import taxes Research: The Future TLC Laser Eye Centers: Reputable laser eye surgery center with locations all over the US. Fabrinet: Provider of foundry services to optics OEMS. Manufactures, assembles, and tests products for customers at manufacturing facilities in Bangkok.
Designs and manufactures bulk optical materials and components at facilities in Fuzhou, the People’s Republic of China, and New Jersey, USA. Laser Centers in Thailand Suggested Locations: Bangkok
Hat Yai Training in Thailand Sending current TLC surgeons and staff to work and train in Thailand: New job opportunities in Thailand
Continuing education for experienced surgeons
Travel and leadership opportunities Potential savings on labor and equipment: Knowledge and Technology Exchange TLC's knowledge of the science of laser surgery helps Fabrinet to better customize and improve medical technology.
Fabrinet's knowledge of precision laser/optic technology helps improve TLC's equipment. Expansion Cooperation and sharing clients: Both companies gain new locations in Thailand and US
New jobs = Fostering economic growth
TLC and Fabrinet may exchange clientele and gain new trade opportunities Website Modification Hofstede, G. (n.d.). National culture - countries. Retrieved from
http://geert-hofstede.com/thailand.html Retrieved from http://www.fabrinet.com/ Retrieved from http://www.tlcvision.com/ Our Vision: Put laser centers in Thailand
Send current surgeons to work and train in Thailand
Gain more economical trade
Exchange knowledge and technology
Foster new business relationships to expand in each other's countries http://www.tlcnet.com
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