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Johnny Depp

No description

jake still

on 28 March 2016

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Transcript of Johnny Depp

Was born June 9,1963
Is from Kentucky
Dropped out of school to be a musician
Jack Sparrow and Edward Scissorhands are some of his favorite characters
He knows French
Real name is John Christopher Depp2nd
At age 15 his parents divorced
At age 16 he dropped out of school
He lived in a friends 67 Chevy Impala at 16 after droping out of school
Got an Accademy award for playing Jack Sparrow
Was in 21 jump streat
wanted to be a musican since he was little
Used drugs at one time
He had a garage band when he was young
part A
Where do you live now?
What are your five favorite characters you've played?
What do you like to be called?
Do you like what you do?
5* What are your parents names?
Do you still play music ?
Do you have children?
If so, would you want them to act ?
Was your wife the first person you thought you would marry?
10* How old were you when you first thought of acting?
What is your dream movie to play in?
If you weren't acting what would your job be?
Do you do your own stunts?
Who do you look up to as a role modle?
15* If your life was a movie who would be you?
Have you been in any plays ?
If so, witch one or ones?
What do you do off set?
Who makes a good screen partner ?
20* What motovates you to do what you do?
By: Jake Still
Johnny Depp
As you can see
he has been in a
lot of movies and TV shows.
June 9, 1963
His mother buys him a guitar
he quits school
Meets Nicolas Cage
Takes acting lessons
April 4, 1987
Joins the crew of 21 Jump Street
Dec 7, 1990
Stars in Edward Scissorhands
April 16, 1993
Stars in Benny and Joon
Dec 17, 1993
Stars in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Feb 28, 1997
Stars in Donnie Brasco.
Stars in Don Juan DeMarco
April 7, 1995
Nov 19, 1999
Plays Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow
May 27, 1999
Vanessa Paradis gives birth to Lily-Rose Depp
Aug 29, 1999
Plays Jack Kerouac in The Source
Dec 15, 2000
Stars in Chocolat
April 6, 2001
Stars in Blow
April 9, 2002
Jack John Christopher Depp 3 was born
Sept 12, 2003
Plays in Once Upon a Time in New Mexico
July 9, 2003
Plays in Pirates of the Caribbean
March 12, 2004
Stars in Secret Window
July 15, 2005
Plays in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Depp visits A hospital in his Captain Jack Sparrow costume and spends hours reading to sick children
donates about $2 million to Great Ormond Street Hospital
March 2010
He stars in Alice in Wonderland
July 2013
He stars in The Lone Ranger
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