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mammals in sanfrancisco bay

No description

Mrs. Ireland

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of mammals in sanfrancisco bay

Mammals in San francisco bay
Lizette & Nate

hump back whale eats small
shrimp and small plankton and fish. it also can stay under water for 45 min.It can eat up to 4400 5500!!!
it can weight up to 25 tons to 40 tons and it eats up to 4,400-5,500 . and it has bluber to keep it warm.
color and size
on top of the hump back whale it is black to gray on the bottom it is white same pattern on the tail. The size of the hump back whale is 15 meters long and wide.
My animal survives in the ocean because it can swim and hold its breath under water for 45min.It is not extinct because it scares other mammals away
Never pour chemicals down the drain. Never throw garbage in the sea or it will destroy the animals in the sea.
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