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Indian Ocean Trade

No description

Steph Gorges

on 1 December 2016

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Transcript of Indian Ocean Trade

Indian Ocean Trade
Political Rule
Indian Ocean Trade
& Post Classical India

You will begin in your native land (Africa or Asia/South Asia)
Each group starts out with 5 gold coins.
Your group will take two round trips (four one-way sailings) across the Indian Ocean.
At each stop, you will decide what you want to buy and sell. Record your group's transactions.
Decide which group is most successful monetarily.
Dhows - ships using lateen sails
Junks - larger ships with multiple sails (Chinese)
Outcomes of Trade
Asian Trade Goods
Animal Skins
African Trade Goods
Looking at DBQ documents:
What were your thesis statements?
How did you group your documents?
Between Asia, Islamic Empires, & Africa
Relied on monsoon winds
Summer (to Asia)
Winter (to Africa)
Larger amounts of goods via ship
Rise of East African Swahili city-states: excellent ports and urbanization. Peaceful region.
Swahili Language - combination of Arabic, Bantu & Hindi
Economic development
Middle of Indian Ocean = emporia location
Surge in finished textiles from cotton (specialization)
Economic development
Development of large port cities
Spread of Hinduism & Islam
Borrow Indian style of politics - kings & bureaucracy
Southeast Asia
Northern India
Afghan Turks conquer parts of N. India - establish sultanate of Delhi
Islamic state
1206-1526 C.E.
Divided, but peaceful (involved with trade
Southern India
Harsha's Kingdom
606-648 CE
Temporarily reunified northern India
Great administrator
Ended at his death - regional powers
Northern India
Chola Empire
Not tightly centralized, but had strong local powers
Strong navy, dominated seas
Kingdom of Vijayanagar
Founded two brothers
Goal: Ward off Islamic invaders from north
Renounce Islam; return to Hinduism
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