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Natural Selection

No description

Symphony Smith

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Natural Selection

By: Zhandria , Symphony, Erika, Ana,Daniel What is Natural Selection natural selection is a process of adapting to environment: the process, according to Darwin, by which organisms best suited to survival in their environment achieve greater reproductive success, thereby passing advantageous genetic characteristics on to future generations. Who came up with it? Charles Dadrwin in his book called On the Origin of Species, published on November 24th, 1859. 1. Evolution is driven by natural selection
2. The base unit of variation is the gene
3. Charles Darwin was the original propounder of evolution
4. Comparative anatomy and the fossil record can give clues to the evolutionary of today's extant organisms The 4 Points of Natural Selection In biology, adaptation is the process by which an organism changes to become better suited to survive in their environment. It can also refer to a physical or genetic trait that helps an organism to be better suited to survive in their environment.

For example, polar bears are adapted to living in the cold because they grow thick fur that keeps them warm, and thus allows them to survive in their frigid environment. The color of their fur is also an adaptation. Because the environment they live in is mostly white, they have produced white fur to blend in, so they are not seen by the prey they hunt.

Adaptation is powered by natural selection. When a trait arises that allows an organism to better adapt to their environment, it will be passed on to the next generation. Over time this trait will accumulate in the population. What is Adaptation Hypothesis Our group thought the spoon would be able to gather the most food. Why we choose spoon is because one, we eat with spoon and two spoon is quicker to pick up because its like a scooper. What we did in the lab We used three objects ( Scissors, spoon, stick) to see which one can pick the most food. Conclusion Spoon was able to gather the most food.
I think the scissors would be able to survive and began to end up dominating the species because, its more wider,
Yes, because clearly the spoon was the fastest to pick up the food (beads)
I learned that different objects can pick up and try to figure out which one is easier and quicker.
And i also learned nothing to be honest
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