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Personal & Academic Goals

The following presentation is for MMSTC Indisciplinary Studies Course 1.

Red Encabo

on 1 March 2017

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Transcript of Personal & Academic Goals


In one year, I will receive all

A's in my report card and a

grade point average of 4.0

or higher.
This is important because this is for

the good of my entire family,

upcoming near future, and the rest

of my life. My parents expect me to

receive these kind of grades, being

the person that I am. Additionally, I

want them to be proud of me.
Right now, to reach this goal, I am studying

every night at the living room for

approximately between 20 to 60 minutes.

Plus, I am doing my homework daily with

the help and guidance of my mom, who

helps me with most of the work I don't

know. No matter how many things distract

me from doing my work, I am willing to get

everything done for all things school

before the end of the day.
If ever I don't accomplish my goal, I

am just going to have to work harder,

faster, and better. Second, I will have

to plan a schedule. Sometimes there

are too many things to occur within a

day. Finally, last but not least, I will be

mad at myself, and my parents and

family will be certainly upset and

disappointed at me.
In one year, I will have a successful

business through web design and

make a myriad of cash from other

small jobs that I hope to partake in

the future.
This is important because of the

following two reasons.

1) With the additional money made

through a created business and

other jobs, it will help pay the family

house and credit card bills.

2) When I receive the leftover

money, I will be spending it on things

that I really wanted in my lifetime.
Right now, to reach this goal, I have made a

web designing business. Although it is not

complete, it is going to make me a lot of

money ($50 per customer, I hope.)
If ever I don't accomplish my goal, I will do

three things.

1) Find new jobs that will make money and

are available. I will probably go work

anywhere as long as it's not a superstore

or fast-food restaurant.

2) Stop and end my web design business.

Why keep it running if it's not going to

make me money?
In one year, I will receive my drivers

license and get the rights to my

own vehicle.
This is important because it has

been years since I wanted to drive

a vehicle. Unfortunately, without

a drivers license, which can be

gained through passing a driver's

ed class, my mom and dad will

not give me the access to the

vehicle keys (except when I'm

turning it on for them in the

Right now, to reach this goal, I am going

to take driving classes that are located

near my house. There is a driver's ed class

sponsored by Warren Mott.
If I don't receive my license, all I have

to do to complete this goal is to retake

the class. There isn't anything that I have

to change if I ever fail driving class. That

doesn't mean nonetheless that I can

be relax and do whatever I want. To pass

driving class and to get access to the

family vehicle, I will have to work harder,

study better, and listen to the teacher.
In five years, I will graduate not only

from Warren Mott High School, but

I will graduate from MMSTC as well.
This is important because by

graduating from MMSTC and

Warren Mott, I will have access

to many popular schools such

as the University of Michigan,

Michigan State University, Yale,

and much more. MMSTC is a

unique advanced placement

school that offers many

academic opportunities.
Right now, to reach this goal, I am

working hard on my homework,

studying for my tests, and doing

the review work with my parents.

In class, I am listening to everything

that the teacher has to say about a

topic, and I am doing all of the tasks

my teacher wants me to be doing.
If I fail to reach this goal, I will have to

work harder, especially since I would

have to retake some of the courses

to receive my high school credit.
In five years, I will apply for a small

job that makes an ideal amount of

This is important because along with the current "business" that I am running, it will help me and family a lot, especially with our financial problems. It will cover the debt that we couldn't pay for a long time. If possible, we will be able to save some money for trips we can't afford today.
Right now, to reach this goal, I am

attending high school. You must

attend school to apply for a job. Some

real jobs actually need you to have

a degree, which can be earned in a

If I don't get a job in five years, I will

have to just wait for a few years. Getting

a real job does matter. However, a small

job will once again help my family

and our debt. Of course, I will just have to

look harder for small jobs that are

In five years, people will notice me

as a legitimate web designer

and developer.
This is important because in my

free time, I have been improving

my skill as a web designer and

developer. A lot of people have

been impressed with my work.

Nevertheless, I feel that I can

get better and can get well

recognized with this skill.
To reach this goal, I am taking courses

from CodeAcademy. CodeAcademy is

a website where you can get free

tutorials on HTML, CSS, Javascript,

jQuery, PHP, Ruby, and Python. All of

these listed are code languages that I

need to know to be a complete

If I don't reach this goal, then I will have

to stop procrastinating when taking

the CodeAcademy courses. I heard that

CodeAcademy does help, but lately

I have been delaying my lessons. On the

other hand, I could just learn them

myself. I learned how to code HTML

and CSS by myself.
In ten years, I will be highly

recognized in the university or

college I attended in and will

receive excellent grades.
This is important because as

my dad says, you have to be

well known, successful, and

smart in the outside world to

do well in life. I might be good

in school as of now, but why

would that be a good thing

if I don't even progress in the

To reach this goal, I will have to do

the one big thing that you would have

to do in school every day, every year,

and every time: work hard. I will also

have to be more social and interactive

with other students. Although I am not

into popularity, it will help develop my

portfolio in the near future.
If I don't get well-recognized and don't

do so good in school, then I will have to

work harder - study more, do my homework, and review longer
be more social - participate in activities, make more friends

I really don't want to let my family and

friends down.
In five years, I will have more than

$10,000 in my wallet.
This is important because I

will be able to spend on one

of the many things that I ever

wanted in this time of generation.

I could be able to buy an expensive

computer, camera, camcorder, or cell

Right now, to reach this goal, I am going

to find a job, work hard, and make the

money to achieve this goal. The job

I need is not a small job, but a lifetime

If I don't achieve this goal, I will have

to keep finding a job until I am applied

for one. This will be difficult because

jobs are scarce in this troubling economy.
In ten years, my brother and I will

be living together at the same

This is important because this

is the promise that my brother

and I are making for many years.

We planned to live together in

a big, modern house, along with

our friends and family. We don't

believe in being separated from

our family as we grow older.
Right now, to reach this goal, I am

going to accomplish every single goal

that I have mentioned in this presentation.

Most importantly, I will do well in school,

make money in my job, and succeed in my

If I don't achieve this goal, then that

probably means I have not achieved

at least one my one-year, five-year,

or ten year goals. This means that

I will either have to work harder, be

more social, or do better with everything

I have to do, especially in school and

outside of school.
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