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Satire in Chapters 29 and 30

Satirical elements that are present in chapters 29 and 30 of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

kristopher fuchs

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Satire in Chapters 29 and 30

By Kristopher Fuchs and Andrew Tomski Satire in Chapters 29 and 30 The duke and the dauphin claim they are the actual Wilks brothers.
The two actual brothers, Harvey and William, as well as the duke and dauphin are questioned by Doctor Robinson in a tavern. This was to determine who the actual Wilks brothers are.
At first William and Harvey are suspicious of being frauds when they don't have the $6,000 from the Wilks inheritance.
The duke, dauphin, and Harvey sign their names and those are compared to the signatures of sample writings of the real Harvey.
The dauphin then convinces the crowd in the tavern that the duke is playing by disguising his handwriting. Dauphin also convince the crowd the Harvey's signature isn't actual his because his brother William forged it for him. Chapter 29 Summary In an attempt to prove that he is the real Harvey Wilks, Harvey asks the dauphin about what the tattoo on his dead brother's chest. The dauphin says it is an arrowhead, Harvey says it is the initials P-B-W.
It is revealed to the crowd that there is no tattoo on his chest. The crowd is angered by this and demands the duke, dauphin, Harvey, and William to be lynched. The crowd then goes to the grave to see if there is a tattoo or not.
Upon digging up the grave and opening the coffin the $6,000 in gold appears. The crowd goes into an uproar, and Huck escapes back to the raft.
Huck is happy that he was able to escape, until he saw the duke and the dauphin show up on a canoe headed towards their raft. Chapter 29 Summary Cont. The investigation of who is the real Wilks brothers is satirical. Instead of the townspeople trying to end the already ridiculous investigation they go along with it and actually enjoys the confusion. Twain is poking fun at the ignorance of Southern people as they don't try to stop the investigation, instead they enjoy it.
The crowd wanting to lynch all four of the accused is satirical. It is satirical because the duke and the dauphin were able to escape on lynching before and escaped this one by probably conning their way out of it. This is poking fun again at the foolishness of the Southerners and their cowardliness as they would never actually lynch somebody. Satire in Chapter 29 Their fighting becomes really close to violent, but both end up drinking until they fell asleep.
Chapter 30 Summary After the king mindlessly blaming poor black people for taking the gold Huck is disturbed by this outburst. The Duke starts to shame the king for blaming poor blacks.
At the time, blacks were not treated fairly and looked down upon by the south. They were often the blame for a lot of things. Twain is poking fun at this by actually supporting the blacks.
Satire in Chapter 30 Right as the fighting between the Duke and the king start to get violent they end up making up quickly.
Usually, in this time period, when a fight breaks out people start to get really violent due to opposing opinions and beliefs. No one is really forgiven afterwards. Twain maybe wanted try to do the unexpected and have a fight leading to one another making up.
Satire in Chapter 30 The Duke and the king boarded the canoe to capture Huck and Jim who attempting to escape them.
Huck then tells them a story of why he needed to get away.
The king doesn’t believe this story and continues to strangle Huck, but the Duke ends up stopping him.
Both the king and the Duke argue about who hid the gold in the coffin.
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