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5.06 The Enlightenment and Revolutions: It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

By: Ammara Siddiqui

Ammara Siddiqui

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of 5.06 The Enlightenment and Revolutions: It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

5.06 The Enlightenment and Revolutions: It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times
by: ammara siddiqui
Step 1: Determine which events to highlight.
Your pamphlet or exhibit should include the following features of the French Revolution:

at least three causes, including the Enlightenment
at least three events during it, including the Reign of Terror
at least three effects from it, including the rise and rule of Napoleon

Step 2: Write a summary for each feature.
For each cause, event, and effect, write three to five sentences to explain what happened and why it is important. Use complete sentences and check your work for accuracy, spelling, and proper grammar.

Step 3: Organize your museum piece.
Collect your features and their summaries into one exhibit or pamphlet about the French Revolution. Include at least one picture to add interest to your piece. You may use the Web 2.0 tools area to complete the assignment.
The French Revolution
Summary for Causes
Summary for Events
Summary for Effects
The French Revolution
There were some causes that made the French Revolution occur.
Three of them were :
- Bankruptcy of the government
- Influence from the American Revolution
- Political inequalities
Because of the French Revolution, it seems that the French Enlightenment was responsible for it.
Three events during the French Revolution was:
- Storming of the Bastille
- Execution of Louis XVI
- Reign of Terror
From the French Revolution, there were many effects. There were political, social, and religious effects, etc.
Three major effects were:
- Emerging Middle Class
- The Reign of Terror
- Napoleon Bonaparte
For all of the causes that made the French Revolution occur, there were reasons behind them as to why they happened. The causes were Bankruptcy of the government, influence from the American Revolution, and political inequalities. The government became bankrupt because Louis XIV and Louis XVI spent way too much money. Louis XVI had a plan to improve, so he wanted to eliminate all of the ministers who wanted to launch financial reform. Because of that, it led them to being bankrupt.
The French was influenced by the American Revolution. Because of America's success, it encouraged the French to fight for freedom.
Because of political inequalities, the nobles took advantage of not having to pay taxes, having freedom, etc. The middle class, peasants, and artisans worked very hard and actually had to pay taxes. They were not allowed to let out their opinions about political topics. Not everything was fair for everyone.
Behind the events that had happened during the French Revolution. did not just happen for nothing. The events that took place was the Storming of the Bastille, execution of Louis XVI, and the Reign of Terror.
The Storming of the Bastille was an event that took place in Paris, France, on July 14, 1789. Citizens who were unsatisfied with the government had created a mob to free the political prisoners, and that's what caused the start of the revolution.
The execution of Louis XVI took place on January 21, 1793 in Paris, France, at the Place de la Révolution. There was a huge downfall in society at the time and citizens thought that everything was unfair and that others received more than they did. People got tired of it so they ended the monarchy. Louis XVI had also been convicted of a plan that he had, so he also got executed because he was not found innocent. His execution also made him the first victim of the Reign of Terror.
The Reign of Terror was a period of violence that took place in France from September 5, 1793 - July 28, 1794. It had occurred after the French Revolution, and it happened because the economy was suffering, enemies played a big role in the terror, and because the French Revolution had an effect of extended situations. Those are just some of the reason as to why it happened. But all of those led to the activity of terror.
There were many effects of the French Revolution. Three of them that I had listed were the emerging of the middle class, the Reign of Terror, and the Napoleon Bonaparte.
Citizens that were part of the middle class (bourgeoisie) had risen. Since the revolution had ended the monarchy in France, this was an effect that greatly influenced the French culture and what made the middle class develop.
The Reign of Terror was explained in the last slide, but this was one of the major effects that occurred.
Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military/political leader that was born on August 15, 1769, and died on May 5, 1821. France was struggling with certain problems, so Napoleon came to help out and seize power along with help from the military.
He had made the establishment of the Napoleonic Code (Code civil des Français). This code made the French society fair for everybody no matter what religion people followed, or if they were wealthy or poor.
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